Friday, December 30, 2005

You can ask. But I can't answer

Because I don't know the answer. As of this writing, I have no clue what I am going to do for New Year's Eve. I have some options but I don't have a leaning towards any of them.

I could go to a friend's house for their party. But that is with a bunch of married couples. Not the ideal place for a single guy. Plus they live in the "extra white" suburb. If you belch loud enough, the police give you a ticket. Not the place to be driving after having a couple.

I could go up to the bar and hang with the single, drinking friends, but the place may be a smokefest. Plus, too many amateurs hanging out. But it would allow me to be the drunken fool that I am.

Then there is another friend who is thinking about having a party. With 2 days to go you really can't be thinking anymore. It is either shit or get off the pot. Did that party last year and it was ok.

So I don't have an answer. But I am sure something will pop up over the next 24 hours.

I will be spending some time with another group of friends tonight. Going out to Crawdaddy's for dinner, the best cajun place in the city. Since we couldn't get together for New Years on Saturday, we decided to get together on Friday. While everyone else is eating some kind of crab or shrimp or other seafood, I will be eating steak. Don't care much for seafood. I will try it occasionally to see if my tastes have changed but usually the smell turns me off right away.

I may not have an idea of what I am doing on Saturday but at least I will spend time with some good friends tonight. Saturday may not even matter.

But Sunday will, as I do intend to go out to watch football at noon. My Cowboys have a slim chance of making it (Let's go Falcons!!!! or if need be Let's go Eagles!! ) so I need to see how things unfold. More amazing to me is how the Packers are favored by 4 1/2 points!! WTF? I don't care if the Seahawks are playing their second team. The Packers are already playing 3rd stringers. And don't give me this "it's potentially Favre's last game and he would want to give all the fans something special and go all out to thank them for their support" bullshit either. My response to that is where was that in the other 15 games?

Speaking of football, my fantasy football championship game in this weekend as well. Yes, my 14-2 team is going up against a 8-8 team, which happens to be the league commissioner's team. This is where I get screwed. Half of my team may not play because of the playoffs. Those are my best players. It is stupid to have a championship game in the last week of the NFL. Totally stupid.

Last night I was going through my gifts deciding what I was going to wear to work today. I yanked all the tags off, pulled stickers and pins, all that fun stuff. I noticed on some of the shirts stickers that read "extra soft". What the hell is this? Are all the breakthroughs in menswear technology already taken? Is the guy who came up with stain resistant pant, or wrinkle free shirts retired? I mean, "extra soft" is the best someone could do? I feel so good now knowing I am wearing a shirt whose fabric was inspired by some guy on a toilet, staring at the Charmin, thinking what works for toilet paper can work men's shirts.

I also grabbed the new sheet set I received and put that on the bed. I had to unzip the plastic box-like thingy it came in. Yes, unzip. Am I suppose to use this zipper box for something else now? I would let the cat play with it but it is too big for him to play with and too small for him to crawl into. Do all sheets come like this, in a fancy zipper case? I guess this is one of those things that guys are not meant to understand. Hmm...sounds like a new list.

Finally, from the category of Life imitates Seinfeld, I really should pursue my dream of buying one piece of shit car (hey, everyone sing the Adam Sandler song with me!) just so I can ram the dipshits on the road. I know DJW is with me on this one. I was nice enough to let some assclown change lanes in front of me yesterday, slowing down my vehicle to do so. But did I get the thank you wave? NO! Sonavabitch (that is upper Midwest spelling Head)! If I had a piece of shit car I would have bumped him just to send the message. Get some manners and give the thank you wave!


AWE said...

I feel my road rage acting up, I can't start on this subject.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Come on FUCKEN FALCONS...and I hate to say this, EAGLES!! Bring back Mick Quick for this game if you have to...shit...let's go BOYS!!!

And you have anger problems on the road.

djw said...

I'm with you on the Saturday conundrum. A party, which should be a great time, but mostly all couples or the local watering hole or home alone getting shitfaced. I'm leaning towards the bar because it is in walking distance.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

As far as the plastic thingy the sheets come in, they work real nice for camping and keeping stuff dry when the tent leaks... At least you then have one dry outfit for the weekend... Yes, speaking from experience... =)

Blonde said...

You didn't wash the sheets before you put them on your bed?!?!?!?! Yikes.

Make note to self: Have sex in Stb's bed but do not sleep in it. Sheets have not been cleansed of Inspector 32's hands.

I hate going out on NYE so I am staying in with a friend, a nice dinner and several bottles of wine. You should do the same to avoid amateurs and jail time.

Happy New Year!