Monday, April 09, 2007

Sunday TV

I left my brother's house somewhat early last night. It was nice to see that my sister is going much better. It scared everyone but seeing her looking better was a relief. Plus, the Sunday lineup was set for me to plunk my butt on the couch and watch some of my favorites TV shows.

"Would I shit you? You're my favorite turd!"

Ah yes, the Sopranos are back. The line above was the quote of the night for me. I thought it was a good-not great- episode to start the season. Kinda like a taste to get you back in the mood. Sadly, they used the same choppy formula of adding scenes that had nothing to do with the particular episode. Like the party Anthony was throwing while they were gone. I guess that is a set up for an ass kicking next week.

But for each scene they add that doesn't flow with the story, they add in ones just for the guys. You know the writers are sending certain messages on how things should be. This time around, we get the 10-15 second clip of Tony getting the birthday blowjob to start his day. They didn't need to have that in there, but they are sending their message out to the world. Ladies, this is one public service announcement to pay attention to.

Next was Entourage. Personally, I thought this episode was a home run. We get eased back into the scene with each character hitting on all cylinders. Johnny Drama posing by his billboards, Turtle spending cash like there is no tomorrow, Eric worried about the cash and getting Vince a role, and Vince just being Vince, a care free dude. The quick bomb at the end was perfect, setting everyone up for the season.

I did have one problem with the episode. It was the shirt Eric was wearing. A Schlitz shirt? The guy is too young to have drank this stuff. Even with they East Coast past, there is no way these guys ever drank Schlitz. It was an insult to beer. Damn hipsters with their vintage rock shirts are now stealing beer from us too. Pisses me off.

Before hitting up HBO, I started with one of my favorite shows, the Amazing Race. This season has been very good. More people are getting caught way behind as they miss flights. No one is coddling these people because of the cameras. Each Most of the teams are likable. No one likes Team Midget. They are just plain annoying and full of themselves. The blondes are still racing hard which pisses everyone off. I guess because they are not like the other blonde chick in the race (a real ditz but really nice cans!), the others do not know how to handle them. Like when they yielded the guy and the ditzy blonde. They took it personally. People, it is a game. That was strategy, a great move. For the guy to sit there and bitch up a storm, continually calling them "dirty hookers" was uncalled for. It is par for the course on this dude. He is a whiny bitch to begin with. I think even the ditzy blonde can see that and won't be with him for long.

Finally, I have been watching the second half of the Apprentice lately. I figured it could easily put me to sleep. I could care less who wins this competition. Whoever it is should get a trophy. The Golden Crowbar. Because all you hear is a whole lot of ass kissing going on. Trump goes out and find the biggest ass kissers to be compete for who can put their lips on his rump the most. The bullshit about how great Trump is again and again and again and again gets nauseating. The guy has had many a company go belly up. His stock isn't worth toilet paper. There are many business leaders out there with better skills that people can learn from.

Then again, it really isn't as much about business as it is Trump feeding his ego. And why the hell is his daughter sitting there as well? No way that pampered bitch can teach anyone.

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