Monday, March 09, 2009

Irresponsible peole don't get it

I was feeling pretty good this morning. I had a good weekend with friends. Relaxed yesterday and had a good meal. Even won a poker tournament.

The potential to come into work and see the stock market get banged like a cheap pornstar in a gang bang wasn't getting me down either. Instead, it was the little blurb in the Wall Street Journal that caught my eye and made me a bit angry. I found the story from another source and have included what set me on fire:

Rare NYC foreclosure auction yields deals, protest

The sale was protested by a handful of picketers who chanted: "Evictions are a
crime! It could be your house next!"

One of the protesters, Sharon
Black, said she was in bankruptcy and hoping to save her Baltimore home.

"These folks are profiting off the people's misery," she said.
Eviction is a crime? Really? Where is it a crime? Not paying your bills and mortgage is a crime. Buying a house you cannot afford and not making payments is a crime. Taking out home equity to buy a car or a pool and not paying the loan is a crime.

And don't give us this BS about profiting off of people's misery. That is what gets me most. This woman expects me to pay off her loans. She wants to make it sound like she was dealt a bad deal and should be allowed to stay in a house rent free while I make payments on my house.

Sure there are some cases where people have been taken advantage of or had to use equity to pay medical bills. I feel for those people, but they are the minority. People think that they are entitled to a house nowadays. They forget the HARD WORK involved with getting a house and keeping it. It is no wonder that people across the country and getting pissed off at the government for wasting our money and forcing taxpayers to pay off other people's mortgages.

I do not want to be liable for anyone else's irresponsibility. Is that too much to ask for?

When I got out of college and moved to Chicago, I got in over my head. My commission checks did not cover my expenses and I went through my savings account quickly. I maxed out a credit card and overdrew a bank account. Did I go off and get more credit cards? No. I got enough to cover my rent and cut back my expenses. I lived within my means. When I had extra cash I paid off my bank and then my credit card. I lived extremely lean until I was out of debt. What a concept, huh?

If people are going to be allowed to keep houses for which they are not paying for, then I want someone to replenish my 401k, my IRA, and my ESOP back to where they were a year ago. I am the one who was resposible. I am the one who is not in debt because I worked hard and paid my bills. That is what the American people want.

It is the responsible person who is going to get the economy back on track, not the deadbeats this Administration and Congress want to prop up. It is the responsible person who has the money to make purchases but doesn't want to because they know their taxes are going up soon. It is the responsible person who is watching their investments go down in value day after day, waiting for some stability so they can buy in at a good price. But of course by buying in at a low price I guess I am feeding off of someone else's misery and I must be evil for doing so even though Obama has already promised to tax the crap out of my investments when I sell at a profit.

That is what I get for being responsible. So much for my happy Monday. Now I have to deal with a boss that will be pissed off because the spreadsheet they created makes no sense to me. Would have been nice to have been involved in the planning process.


J. Gambino said...

One can only hope that the responsible ones will get the props they deserve. Well, at least they will have a roof over their heads. Let me know if you need help with the spreadsheet. I am forever deciphering others craziness.

Ha ha, your word verfication is "monty" as in "The Full..." Well, I will be waiting for that then.

alan said...

Lot's of people thought they were being responsible, and honestly, I really can't blame them:

(You weren't giving this advice, so a rant like this wouldn't work against you, and isn't intended like that.)

Also, I'm sure there are plenty of people who have no lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and can no longer afford their mortgages due to that. They didn't cause the crisis, but are unemployed because of it, which now just makes it worse...

Hey Jo said...

This is alot like the commercials that say that you are not responsible for your debt. The hell you ain't! You are the one who took that charge card out of your wallet and gave it to the cashier. Suck it up and do the right thing. Pay for it when the bill comes.

I agree, there are certain things you can't control, like medical issues. But, still, to expect me to pay for it... that isn't happening.

lightning36 said...

Nothing like picking up the pieces for people who made bad decisions. I feel sorry for people who were laid off, but have little sympathy for the boobs who got in over their heads. I guess that most responsible people feel kind of the same way.

Drizztdj said...

Put my sister in that boat. She makes more then me and my wife combined, still bought too much house with an ARM got the awakening after the "interest only" period stopped.

Luckily for her, her bailout comes from non-gov't sources.