Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dreaming about directing a movie

I had one of those interesting and strange dreams on Sunday night. It must have been in my wheelhouse because I woke up remembering a lot of it. Better, I fell back and asleep and had a prequel to the dream.

I dreamt I had just won an award for writing and directing an adult film, Who's Licking Linda. I was blown away-no pun intended- at all the attention I was getting for making a highly popular film on my first attempt. Every production company wanted me to work for them. Women were begging me to cast them, promising to do what it takes.

I woke up thinking it was a funny dream. Funny as in I don't know anyone named Linda. Maybe that is why it was called Who's Licking Linda.

When I got back to sleep, I started another dream that was linked. In this prequel, I only had the working title and was trying to build the story around it. The premise was simple. After someone had performed cunnilingus on Linda, she would go on to do amazing things.

This talent was discovered when she went to a doctor that specializes in the human body. She had been feeling weird and wanted him to diagnose her problem. He gets her on the examination table and soon discovers her acute reaction when he ends up going down on her. When she leaves, she goes on to run and win a marathon. Hey, this is a dream, the shit ain't suppose to make sense.

After winning the marathon, she begins to connect the dots as to why she may have done so well. She wonder if the "exam" had anything to do with it. So she mentions it to a friend of hers and they talk about the experience. Her friend go down on her and she goes off and does something heroic again. Linda goes on to win a gold medal, runs for office, and makes a lot of money.

That dream sure beat the one I had last night where I couldn't find my Mustang. I parked it by the lake next to a shop that specializes in restoring old VW Beetles. They would make them into flat black convertibles. I wandered around 3 lots trying to find my car. I never did.

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