Wednesday, July 14, 2004

All Star Racing

Caught Ben Sheets pitching the 8th inning. Had some good things to say about him. He pitched well taking the AL down 1-2-3. Brewers pitching may have been the best in the game. Wow, what a homer comment! But it is true.
Was very happy to see the bitchy couple get eliminated in the Amazing Race. Man, were those two annoying. Always insulting each other, especially the dude. That is one thing that annoys me. When some guy/girl is constantly insulting their girlfriend/boyfriend in front of others. Watching it on TV isn't quite as bad because you can change the channel. But they had to go. The childish comments they made to each other, the verbal/mental abuse, make you understand how they keep breaking up and don't stay together. Thankfully, we are done with their bitching on the show.
Instead we have to deal with the bitching of Team Midget. I am getting sick of the "They don't respect us" attitude. No one wanted to talk to us. No one wanted to help us. Shut up! I still say these two Jersey girls are not going far. I think I had the over/under at 3. I may have to bump it to 5. But they will not be in the final 3. That I guarantee. I don't know how they got on the boat. It looked like the boat had pulled away but it came back? Must be the editing for drama by CBS. But back to why they will not survive. The tall one asked for directions from a local. She asked him in Spanish but couldn't quite understand what he said. The midget then takes over saying "Amigo, We are looking for a port" and then does a swimming motion. In ENGLISH!! WTF? The guy speaks Spanish. You are making things easier by talking in a language he doesn't know? Stupid! Finally, you have to run to win this race. Team Midget got to the end before the competition, who was right behind them. But of course, they got passed on the sprint to the finish.
I am beginning to believe the twins are not as tough as I thought. Or bright. Have you noticed how most teams dump their bags for the sprint to the finish? Not the twins. Why carry the extra load, especially when you are in the countryside? Who is going to take it? They (the show) must have people to pick up their bags when they run to the finish because just about all teams leave them to make the run. The married couple did something to piss of the twins. I didn't quite catch that. The bowling girls "tricked" one couple into a currency exchange. Don't these people watch the show? Never has someone had to exchange American dollars into local currency. The dollar is almighty!
Still don't see a dominant team here. The model couple are doing quite well, but they seem boring. Get her into a bikini somehow to spice it up.

How often can you drive home in the rain and wear sunglasses? Did that last night. Was walking out of the building and noticed it was pouring out. But it was also extremely sunny. Strange.

Heard on TV how Harrahs is going to buy Caesars. Vegas is slowly becoming a city run by only 2 companies. That cannot be good.

Go ahead, comment on how that might be the stupidest title to a post.

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