Friday, September 03, 2004


Yesterday, I come home to find a bill from Sprint, saying I owe them $5.53 for a monthly plan. Funny, I don't use Sprint. I have a cell phone that covers long distance. I have no clue why I have received this bill. So, I look at the bill for a number to call and ask what this is. I start scanning the bill and cannot find a number. A phone company that does not want to list its phone number on the bill. Interesting. I finally find it in small print in the middle of the bill. No, not on the back of the bill under "Disputed Charges" but in the middle where you may not look for it.
So I call Sprint. I get an announcement that it may take 5 minutes to speak to a rep. Well, I am not wasting minutes on my cell for that. So I call from work this morning. I get the same message that the estimated wait time is 5 minutes. It then chucks me into the automated system. I play nice and follow the instructions. To cancel your service, press 3. I do and it tells me to call my local phone company. I don't have a local phone company! It also won't let me get out of the loop. I have no choice but to hang up. So I call back. I listen to the options and it never offers a choice to talk to a live person. I know you are nodding your head as this is very annoying. I keep pressing 0 and finally get switched to a different queue. Now AI am told that because of Hurricane Frances, it may take longer to speak to someone. Such crap. I think now I am going to mail the bill in to them with a polite (yeah right) message stating I have no clue what this is, to cancel any account in my name, and to tell them to shuck corn before they get any $$ from me.

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