Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Where in Vegas?

Anyone out there watch Las Vegas on NBC? Seeing how I am enthralled by the place, of course, I can't miss the show. One thing I always am trying to figure out is 1) what casino do they use for filming and 2) Where is the Montecito located
I am positive the casino used is Mandalay Bay. However, where is the Montecito located in the show? There are various views you are given to give you the feel that it is a strip property as you can see other casinos when they have views going out the hotel room windows. But whenever they do the "quick street driving routine" to zip you back to the Montecito, it becomes a just-off-of-the-strip property. Huh? Best yet was last night's episode. They follow a guy out of the casino. He immediately is seen walking over the Brooklyn Bridge at NY NY. From there, he is now in front of the Venetian and then over (I believe) the Mirage. Amazing how he was able to show up a quarter mile away after crossing the Bridge. I just love how things get put together to make the story, even though logistically in real life, the places are about a quarter mile apart. It is like watching a car drive down the strip and it either 1) passes the same casinos continuously or 2) it passes casinos on the opposite sides of the street or the strip.

I am also highly disappointed. One of the world records I was shooting for has been broken. A Malaysian lady just spent 32 days in a glass box with 6069 scorpions. Apparently she will tack on even more as she is "on display" until Saturday. Uh, ok. I mean, I could go 31 days, but 32? No effin way. And I was to begin my training tonight...

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