Monday, November 29, 2004

Bad beats in poker

I won't get into the details. You can read it by clicking the link if you like. By no means do I claim to be a great poker player. I would like to think I am good, but sometimes I can't even claim that. But I do not like losing to a real knucklehead. A person who has no clue how lucky they are. A person who makes a stupid call and has a 7% chance to win. That is what happened to me. This idiot caught 1 of 4 cards on the river to knock me out of the money. Some white trash FUBU wearing guy with two barbed wire tattoos. One is bad enough but two?

The best part of playing yesterday was the trip to Hooters afterward. I won a last longer bet with my friend Brian and the wings were on him. I was starving. Had eaten since 11 and was drinking beer all day. I think I ate at least 30 wings. It was a chicken graveyard on my plate.

I will find out the fate of my truck today. I am also meeting with the head hunter later today. I bet this lady is a freak.

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