Monday, November 08, 2004

Meeting a poker pro

Did something different on Friday night. I went to a book signing. Had a couple of beers first but then went with some friends to see Phil Hellmuth talk about his new book. This was Jodi's idea. We got there way too early as we had to wait an hour before anything happened. This kinda sucked but it did mean we got the comfortable couch in the back all to ourselves. The place filled up nicely, mostly with an older crowd. I was a little surprised that the crowd was skewed towards an older demographic. I would have thought more college kids would be out but they were probably busy at a bar. Hey, it was Friday night!

My guess is there was about 100-125 people there. Phil came in a bit late but got started right away. Instead of talking about his book right away he opened it up for a couple questions and wanted to sign right away. My first reaction was WTF? I didn't come here just to get a friggin book. I wanted to hear some good stories first. Thankfuly, the couple questions ended up being about an hour. It was worth seeing. Though many people do not like him, he is a very personable guy. The stories he told were funny and it sure didn't get boring.

When he was done, they formed a line on the side to get books, cards, chips, etc. signed. We got in line and waited. And waited. And waited. What the heck is going on here? It appeared that some assclowns who were first in line had like 30 books to get signed. WTF? How inconsiderate could you be? Yes, they got in line first but show a little consideration for everyone else and try not to be so selfish. Of course Phil didn't mind because he just sold a lot of books. But this took like 15 minutes to get done because they then had to take pictures. I think what might have really pissed me off about this was at one time, one of these pricks said "I feel bad for making all of these people wait." No you don't. If you did you would have allowed some people ahead of you after getting half the stack signed and would have waited until the end. After a couple people had their stuff signed, these assholes busted back in to have two decks of cards signed. All in all in took about 40 minutes to get in line, wait and get the book signed.

I know what some of you are thinking too. What witty words did I have for the pro? I couldn't help myself on this one. As we got closer, I couldn't help but notice that the shirt Phil was wearing was the same on the book. Yep it was. So I gave him shit about it. He was probably wondering who the smartass was but so what. We ended up getting a picture taken as well and then went off to drink. But those guys who had to get the box of books signed first still pissed me off.

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