Thursday, December 30, 2004

Alcohol leads to less disease

There was an interesting article in the Wall St. Journal the other day about how drinking can make you less suseptible to heart disease, diabetes and even dementia. It discussed how doctors would like to urge people to have a drink daily, but really cannot because of how it would sound.

Hey, I believe I have been advocating drinking for a long time. My liver is a living research project as it is. I found nothing truly new in the article that I already didn't know. They should have published my cure for the common cold. Well, it isn't necessarily a "cure" but it makes you feel better quicker.

When you feel the symptons of a cold begin to drag you down, this is what you should do:
Drink two shots before going to be at night. This will help you sleep.
When you wake the next morning, do another shot. Yes, that is a killer shot to do first thing in the morning but it must be done.
At night, before going to sleep on Night 2, do 2 shots once again.

I guarantee you will feel much better when you wake up on after that second night of shots. You may even want to do another shot just to drown any germs that might be left. Or you might pop a shot because you like to do shots.

Are the drivers of the salt trucks drunk? Or are they suppose to drive straight over a lines dividing lanes of traffic? I was stuck behind a truck last night and watched as he drove in two lanes at once. I couldn't tell if he was suppose to do this or not. It would make sense if he is able to accurately salt two lanes at once. But then again, it looks like he is drunk and weaving between lanes. Maybe I should have that job.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Doctor Steve for your advice on how to head off a

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr.,

What kind of shot?

Bourbon? Tequila?