Friday, December 10, 2004

This is going to be one long day

I look at the clock and see that it is 9:49. I realize I haven't done any work for the past hour. Well, I did place a trade for an internal client but that took all of 2 minutes, including writing up the paperwork.

This is going to be a long painful day. It started off with me in a cantankerous mood. I had spoken with someone about a job yesterday. The pay wasn't that good but I felt I could negotiate it up a bit. But I was a bit pissed when I spoke to the guy who would be my boss. He asked a question that two people would later tell me they thought it was both inappropriate and unprofessional. It pertained to a scandal that didn't involve me. I told the guy I wasn't at liberty to speak about it and I didn't work that job back then. Apparently that meant I was guilty. So screw him. The job was something I have done and enjoyed so I guess I was a bit disappointed that this jackass passed judgment on me. He didn't know anything about it so how could he form an opinion about me based on me not wanting to talk. Especially over a recorded line.

So that had me in a bad mood. But some better people lifted my spirits and now I am just bored. When bored, I eat (like a lot of people). Good thing there aren't a lot of donuts laying around this morning.

Am I one of the few people that tag emails with a "read notice"? There are a lot of important emails I send that we do need to track as being read by associates. It is funny how I am getting some of these notices back saying that someone just read an email that I sent in March of 2002. What? I am shocked that 1) you hadn't deleted it and 2) you actually opened it. Why bother at this time? I guess that just makes me an email junkie. Or that I am bored and found that strange.

As most of you know, stupid people amuse me. Funny thing I heard on the radio last night driving home from work. Lazer 103, the world's most mediocre rock station in the world, had their DJ (Fish, one of the funnier guys on local radio) taking calls from saddened Pantera fans (see RIP DD). One guy called it worst than when JFK was shot and said he would never get over it. And could he have some Motley Crue tickets. Nice cure. Another guy had mentioned that he was happy to have heard 3 Pantera songs that day. Lazer rarely plays anything as heavy as Pantera. But the best one was the guy who sounded like he was stoned that called in saying they should play Panter, A-Z (where they play every song they recorded). Fish just about lost it on that one and started to snicker. That had to be the stupidest thing I heard yesterday. Too funny.

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