Thursday, December 23, 2004

Vegas...Day 4, How not to play slot machines

I dread the last day of a vacation. For two reasons. Of course the obvious that the vacation is now over. But my last day in Vegas is usually pretty bad. Any gain I may have ends up a loss and any loss ends up wider. I seem to be jinxed on that final day of gambling. This year I was determined to change that (yeah, like I wasn't determined on every other trip).

After having the Winning Combo Breakfast in the Harrahs Garden Cafe, how could I go wrong. I was trying to decide what I wanted to play. Pai Gow? No. Blackjack? No. Craps? No. I don't know why but I felt like goofing around with the nickel slots to play the bonus games. I figured I would go across the street to play some poker but wanted to kill some time and let that breakfast settle. I also had to check out at 11.

So I sat down at The Price is Right- Punchbox. This was just one of many different Price is Right choices I had. There was the Dice Game, Plinko, and Cliffhanger. Hey, I just wanted to play the stupid bonus games. And that I did. I started hopping from machine to machine after I hit the bonus games. Played Plinko and Punchbox and had some Showcase Showdowns in there as well. The only one that just wouldn't pay off was that damn Dice Game. That kinda pissed me off. But I also learned how to speed play the game and I will tell you it is not a good thing. You shouldn't keep the wheels spinning just so you can hear the theme music from the Price is Right. That is the wrong way. But it is neat to hit a big payoff and hear the theme as the credits add up. That is the right way. So I keep hitting SPIN just to hear the Price is Right theme song. How demented is that? And no I have not downloaded the theme either.

I did that for a bit and then went to play some poker at the Mirage. Had good results there too. I was also given the inside scoop on some of the old farts that come around and play poker there on a daily basis. Hmm...why did I have visions of my future?

3:00 seemed to come too early. I had a 5:00 flight and had to leave the poker room. It was a decent game too. Before I knew it, I was on a plane, reading another Myron Bolitar novel (go check this seris out by Harlen Cohen, great books!), and heading home.

I had a great trip. Man, I love Vegas. Any surprise I am already planning on going back maybe in Feb or March? That is after I argue with Midwest. It appears they didn't credit me some bonus miles that would make me eligible for a free ticket. Let the battle begin!

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