Monday, January 03, 2005

Do I have to go to work?

It seemed darker than usual. Maybe because I was getting to work about 15 minutes earlier than usual. I parked in my spot and walked towards the door. Security card still works. That is good. I get caught behind some fund managers in the stairs and wait for them to get out of my way. One mentions that he talked to the excutive chef the other day and was told that the meals will not have any repetition in the first month.

I decide to go through the cafeteria to see what other changes may have occurred. Salad bar looks different and there are some new little signs around. Sizzling salad? Interesting. The foam cups are gone and replaced by some other kind. Rumor was breakfast would be served but I guess that is all that was. But they have new little menus up showing what is on for the entire week. Plus, now there is pizza every day. Oh boy. Chili every day as well. I can feel the belt loosening up already.

I get up to my pc and turn it on. Log into the intranet no problem. Go to one application and stop. User ID? Uh.......

My mind is a total blank. I have typed this ID into the pc for the last 5 years and suddenly I am totally stupid on what they want. I need to call IT to get a clue.

This is going to be a long day.

Maybe I can blame it on my gameplan for Saturday. I didn't want to be under a table by 6. Instead I was stumbling out of the bar at 9:30ish. Just under 12 hours in a bar is a good thing. Had a blast. Balancing beer, shot and coffee can be dangerous. You a one awak drunk person.

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