Saturday, January 15, 2005

A good Friday beer

That was on my mind. As soon as I finished my lunch (over cooked pizza), my brain was set on a good beer. But I had two problems. 3 hours of work and the fact is was damn cold outside. 1 degree to be exact. So, if I was going to enjoy that beer, I had to either stop at a liquor store and pick it up, or I would have to head right to a bar. Then I would keep my butt in the bar stool for a number of hours and then go out into the arctic blast again. Hmm...what to do? So I went to the bank and then to the bar. Might as well not get comfortable and run out.

I can rely on Pete to have a good Friday beer the majority of the time. What is a good Friday beer? It is a beer that you can savor. One that relaxes you and turns the brain totally into weekend mode. A beer that say "Hey buddy! Kick back and have a good weekend". I know that beer when I see it. And if I don't see it on the taps, there is a good chance Pete has something good hidden in the cooler. A beer that some distributor is trying to get him to buy.

As I looked over the taps last night, nothing really hit me. The Leinenkugel Amber Light looked ok, and is a suitable Friday beer (especially in the summer or a Big Butt Bock), but it didn't call out to me. The Moose Drool was gone so that wasn't an option. No Spotted Cow either. Man, do I wish he had Sprecher Dopplebock back there. That is the KING of of Friday beers. Pete then recommends that bartender take something out of the cooler. Pilsner Urquell. Ok. I haven't had this is a long time.

First thing that gets me in the skunky smell. Hmm...I don't know if I like that part. But it doesn't taste skunky. Hey idiot. It's the hops. Ahh yes, the tongue is right. The hops come out on this beer. Takes like Heineken. It goes down smooth. But it hasn't really qualified as a Friday beer.

What's next? The Leinenkugel Amber Light. Now, this was a mistake. No, it was good, but I had it in my head that is was the Northwoods lager. Northwoods is some damn good beer. I know he had it on tap at one time, but it was down on the other side of the bar and I was still trying to warm up.

After the Leinies, I decided it was good enough. My search for the Friday beer wasn't going to be realized tonight. So I started drinking the 32oz Lites. Screw you Dave! Time to put on the Bertha Butt Boogie and chill out. The regular cast of characters was in there now. Carol, the rail gin drinking bartender moved the the other side to join the merriment as H took over. After 4 of the big cups, I switched to pints and wisely got out while I could. Suprisingly, it didn't feel like it was 0 degrees out. No wind=good thing.

So I promptly came home lost a SnG. Amazing how people are thinking A 10 is a powerful hand.

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All Things Dave said...

You drank lite beer and lost a sit-n-go.

Coincidence? I think not!

A great Friday beer is Red Hook ESB.

An outstanding Friday beer is Chimay Ale (Grand Reserve).

P.S. Both go down great when smoking a fine cigar.

P.S.S. I'm off to watch my Steelers at a local sports bar. I will take note of the percentage of men that are drinking lite beer (and if they are holding hands with other men - LOL).