Friday, February 11, 2005

Let the bar hopping begin?

It may seem weird tonight. A friend is having a party at a bar tonight.

If things hadn't unwound as they had over the past couple of months, the party would have been at PJs. Instead it will be somewhere else.

That is where the weirdness will set in. At Pete's we had the run of the place. We could basically control the music, the chaos, the people. Who knows how it may be tonight.

I hear that Pete may not be ready to go back to his old bar. I understand. I don't know if I am ready either. But I may head up there before going to the party as there may some other guys up there beforehand as well.

There may be some bar hopping later on too. Without a home bar, no one is quite sure what may go down.

I also hope to conjure up a little surprise for everyone. I should have the resources at home to get it done.

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Anonymous said...

we all will miss pete and everything that was the blue chipper. just don't forget about the bartenders that still need to stay there, we still need to see those we love the most.