Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Stupid people

I guess some people believe that Valentine's Day is the best day to go out grocery shopping. Unfortunately those people are some of the ugliest people you will ever see. Guess that is where I fit in. Not that the grocery store is the best place to see attractive women, unless you are the Fonz, but yesterday there was a certain element of ugly in the air. Simply not a pretty site. The only attractive girl I saw was going through the baby food. That is when I thought I had a chance because I know she at least puts out.

When I was checking out, I watched the lady in front of me take her own sweet time. She had written out part of the check but then decided she had more coupons that she wanted to use. Then she wanted to do some of her personal banking asking to write the check for 30 bucks over and then specifying what bill amounts she wanted. When she was done, she did something I have always wondered about whether should be done or not (does that sentence make sense?). She tipped the bagger. For all I know, the bagger could have been her kid. There was a resemblance (ugly). Maybe they were trying to influence others in the line to tip her as well.

But I have always wondered whether you should tip the bagger at the food store or not. They are providing an additional service, but aren't they being paid to do so? If they are making the bottom line wage (which is less that min wage I believe) and are expected to be tipped, then it should be known and I would tip. However, sometimes you do not have the luxury of choosing whether you want to take that full service line or the self bag line. My guess is that this was a setup. Anyone have something to say on this one?

I always like it when I watch the news and something makes me laugh out loud. That isn't easy as the majority of the news is all depressing. Something unfortunate happening to someone else. But then they have the stories where the law is doing their job and some idiot is spouting off and just burying himself deeper. This weekend, several house parties by the Marquette University campus were raided by the police and major fines were handed out. The people that were busted complained that they were targeted. Huh? Let's see...you were in violation of the law and were given a citation. They targeted you because you broke the law. Isn't that what they are suppose to do, go where they know the law is being broken? One joker had the audacity to say, on camera, that this would not alter his partying. He would just avoid the high profile parties but his partying will continue. If I am the Chancellor of the school, I put the kid on double secret probation. To say something that stupid on TV would have me questioning how the dope got into my college. I would have him in my office first thing in the morning mainly to see if he is still in a drunken haze.

I just can't believe this guy said something that stupid to a TV reporter. Hey dipstick, you don't say anything like that on camera. I don't care how big a party animal or how tough you think you are, you don't incriminate yourself. I know from experience. In my days at UW-Oshkosh, there were many a time that the campus officials used this footage to punish students. Now your brain fart has just made you guilty of underage drinking, and you showed a willingness to ignore the law in the future. Yes, Marquette will want to keep your kind around.

It kind of makes me wonder if someone of the stupid student's intelligence was driving on the freeway yesterday. I had just passed State Fair Park when I looked in my rear view and saw a sheriff's car closing in on my fast. SHIT! I was doing about 70 and this guy had me dead to rights. However, I thought he was going a little too fast to be after me. I changed lanes to the center knowing that if I was the one he was after, he would change right away. Instead he zoomed right by.


I got back to speed and watched him try to get through traffic ahead of me. I was shocked to see a car not only make no attempt to get out of his way, but actually SLOW down forcing the sheriff to slow down as well. WTF? If I was the sheriff, I would have taken down the license plate and issued a citation by mail. I mean this person was doing about 65 and slowed down to at least 40. How amazingly stupid can they be? I then saw someone else do the same thing right after this.

Be careful people, there are way too many stupid people out there.


James Wigderson said...

You tip the bagger if the bagger carries your groceries out to the car. Since that's a dead art, so's the tipping.

J. Gambino said...

The bagger is one step up on the ladder than the kid who gathers the carts. He is making more money. If anything, you tip the cart guy, especially if he saves your car from being dinged.

James Wigderson said...

Baggers and cart boys are often the same people. That's why during peak hours carts pile up in the parking lot and there are few in the store. Now, here's the question, since these carts are all-weather all-terrain vehicles, why do they bother gathering the carts? Are people too lazy to grab a cart from the parking lot? If the store just gathered them in at night, how much money would a typical grocer save? Enough to lower the price of my jar of herring?