Sunday, February 13, 2005

That bar won't do

I can't think of many things that may be worse than a bar than doesn't know it's identity. Like a donkey thinking it is a stallion. Like Bud thinking it is beer. Like a koala thinking she is thin.
Until you realize what you are, you are not going anywhere in life.

Take Jetsetters by the airport in Milwaukee. This place doesn't know if it is a bar, a lounge, or a club. The place was very crowded for dinner. But it cleared around 8:30 or so. They had no idea on how to keep their clientele in the bar.

And it has the potential to be a good bar. The bar is huge and shaped like a Y. Unfortunately, the only bartender doesn't know how to work it as she stayed on the far side of the bar way too long. The genius running this place needs to keep two people working behind the bar when it is busy. It wasn't uncommon to wait 5 minutes to get a drink.

When they had a shift change, the new bartenders were more interested in cleaning up than serving beer. I was shocked that the girl knew how to properly pour a Hacker Pschorr. So much that I even applauded her.

The music was ok at first. Normal juke box fare. But then a DJ started up and things went downhill fast. Only played dance and hip hop. I don't understand why. There wasn't anyone on the eating area. Oh wait, that was a eating area that had the tables cleared away so you could dance if you wanted to. And boy was that dance floor packed-NOT!

For a place that had potential, Jetsetters is a snooze. The service sucked, the music sucked, and damnit, I didn't meet any girls that sucked (if you know what I mean *wink*).

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Anonymous said...

Here, Here on the snoozer. I was trying to figure out why one would continue to play music that no one was dancing to. As far as the service, they need to instruct their bartenders that washing one's hand after using the bathroom is important. Didn't want to tell Kim that they girl who so nicely served her beer the correct way was lacking in the hands washing department. Us formers from Pete's kept an eye on that.... Aleta