Thursday, March 24, 2005

But your so high, stay drunk all the time

I don't care
what the people are thinking
I'm not drunk
I'm just drinking.
-Albert Collins
I raise my glass to Mr. Collins for singing that blues ditty. Go find it and listen. Great stuff.
The end of the work day seemed to take forever to come along. But it did. I was out the door and heading to the pub. Or should I say Club. Club Garibaldi was the location for happy hour. CG is located on the south side of Milwaukee in the Bay View neighborhood, just a mile from my abode. There is an actual "Club Garibaldi" too from what I have been told. The people that own the bar have some arrangement with said club, one of which I believe is that they couldn't change the name of the bar. Why would you? It is unique. And a good place to stop in and enjoy a beer with friends. If you get a chance, go into the banquet hall and check out some of the pictures.
Plus, the wings are pretty damn good too. But let's talk beer first. I had my heart set on quaffing a Blue Moon Belgian White. I was a bit disappointed to see that they did have it on tap. I didn't ask about a bottle because I saw a replacement right away. Lakefront White. No, I am not saying all Belgian Whites are the same. But Lakefront's is very good. As good as if not better than Blue Moon. The barkeep poured the pint and popped the orange slice on the glass. A smile came across my face as I drank it down.
I had a couple more before I decided to try something new. The sign on the door announced they had Shiner Bock on now on tap! I gave it a try. Dark color, nice aroma, but lacked in body. I went from a nice full body beer to a lightweight. It was ok. Could be better.
So after that I asked about the other Lakefront beers they had on tap. One of them was "The Big Easy". A blonde doppelbock. Sold! Back to a full body beer and then some. This was dripping with flavor and alcohol. You could easily get sloppy drunk drinking the Big Easy. Good stuff. I ended the night (4 hours later) with the old standby Hacker Pschorr.
Last night also happened to be wing night. Club Garibaldi claims to have been voted "Best Wings in Milwaukee". Let me be the judge of that! One of the girls ordered the wings so I don't know if there is a selection of how hot they could be. The impression I have is that there isn't. Soon we would have a mound of wings sitting in front of us. Breaded wings that appeared to have been grilled and just seasoned. Not hot. Not bland. They were big wings that had a really good taste to them. I enjoyed them. I am usually not a fan of wings that are just seasoned; I like them to be saucy and usually, sloppily saucy. But there was something about these wings that made them stand out. I would definitely recommend you stop in for these wings and give them a try.
Downside of the bar (personal opinion here) is the jukebox. One of those internet deals where if they don't have it, you can spend extra credits to play a song. The box was very weak to me. It was all late 80s early 90s underground (?) coffee house type music. Crap like Echo and the Bunnymen and Bauhaus. I didn't like this stuff then and I don't like it now. Hell, I really even don't know how I would classify the trash. That music has no balls. So I had to play some Motley Crue, Rush, and Night Ranger (download was worth it) to wake myself and the bar up.
In the end, I highly recommend stopping into Club Garibaldi for drinks. Nice place with good food. I was buzzed up by the time I left. Good thing I just live down the road.
So naturally when I did get home I went on to Full Tilt and played poker. Usually I don't play ring games while drinking. Tournaments are much better because you won't lose as much if you start making stupid calls. Last night, no stupid calls. I did get my Cowboys cracked by a sucked out flush. Pissed me off at first because I had flopped the set along with two spades. He ended up having the king of spades so I could see why he stayed around with TP and the draw. Otherwise I hit some nice cards. Ended up 3 tabling for a while. Hey, if 2 is working and you are hooched, why not go for 3? End result. Up about 25 BB thank you very much.
Now all I need is a 3 day weekend. Hey, look at that! A 3 day weekend! Who wants a beer?

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