Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A matter of time

8 hours, 37 minutes

That is how long I will have to wait until a nice Belgian Ale can roll over my tongue, exciting the taste buds, sending a smile to my face as it goes down smoothly.

Happy Hour. It seems that no one really celebrates Happy Hour like they used to. Suddenly everyone is too busy? Bullshit! I think people have gotten too lazy and irresponsible. I don't buy the excuse that you have to let the dog out. Fido has held it for 8 hours and can hold it for another 3 (or maybe 5). Hell, for all you know he already peed on the couch.

And don't feed me that line of "I need to change clothes". Pffft! I have seen the way you dress. Believe me, you can't look any better.

Kids?!?!?! That is why you have a wife. Ok, just kidding there. That is why you have a spouse. If you didn't marry someone wonderful enough to 1)Know who you are and that a drink is needed after a hard days work every now and then, 2)Arrange for a babysitter so you both can go out and relax or 3)just doesn't like to *gasp* drink, then don't come crying to me with your excuses.

It appears that a whole new generation may go through life without Double Bubble. That is not the world I want to live in. It is bad enough that we need to plan a happy hour with some people; we need spontaneity back. I long for the days of sending out an email at 1pm on a Friday announcing where to go and having 2 dozen people show up. Sadly, it just doesn't happen anymore.

I have hope. They say that there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. In my case, it is a glass of golden lager. And if there is a rainbow on the door of the bar, I ain't going in!

But it can change. It must change. And the change begins now! Who's with me???

Hmm...only 8 hours and 26 minutes now. I feel better. I will feel much better when I am drinking a Blue Moon.


Aleta said...

Hmmm...Happy hour once a week for 5 weeks in a row. Sounds good but I think I'd loose my source of income. You needed to start this when I was fortunate enough to be on 1st shift. But Fridays would work. I think I may qualify as having a legit excuse right?

J. Gambino said...

I am with you! Drop of The Hat Gambino is my new nickname. (But maybe Divorce Court will be my new residence)Nevertheless, I shall do my part to bring back the Double Bubble crowd. Screw the younguns who think it's not hip to go out before 9:00PM. Heck, by then I have accomplished a great buzz and am tucked into bed.