Saturday, March 12, 2005

Mmm mmm good

I don't think I ask for much.

When the week is finished, I like to stop in a pub and enjoy a good Friday beer. A hoppy taste sensation to kick off the weekend. But I never know what I will drink until I get there and see what is on tap.

Yesterday, Ms. Gambino was able to coerce me into having a drink after work. I headed downtown to Buck Bradleys to meet up with her. BBs is a nice place. Serves the after work crowd and the pre Bucks people pretty well. Has one long ass bar in it. Beer selection (draft) could be better. Nothing too great. In a city that make beer, you would think they would have at least one of the craft brewers on tap. No Sprecher. No Lakefront.

So I went with the Bass.

But it didn't quite hit the spot. The taste buds weren't feeling it. That is when I saw it.

Hacker Pschorr.

My friend. My dear old friend. Come over here and let me give you hug.

When the Hackers taste good, they taste really good. Served with that lemon, the weiss glass sports that foamy goodness.

Needless to say, I had a number of them. They hit the spot. Now if only I would have ate something....

One of the conversations I had with Gambino involved the God billboard. She mentioned there was another one around town that said "Don't make me come down there!". It got me to thinking. If more of these boards show up, I may have to put my own up. Here is my first thought:

Good Friday? How about a F'in Great Friday!!!- Satan

The billboard would feature some scantily clad women and booze. See what you think of while drinking?

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