Friday, May 27, 2005

Can't believe I am working

My whole work situation has been resolved. In the 11th hour, an offer was made and I accepted. Of course this has no implication on my Vegas trip. The trip is swirling in my head, making me begin to jones for some dice.

Human head has a good post today. Made me think about liquor consumption while in Vegas. I will probably hook up with the ACHE crew soon after I check in. I am not the consumer of SoCo that Al is and do not claim to be. But I will toss a couple down with him. This leads to my drinking tip of the day, one I feel is pretty valuable while socializing in Vegas.

Do not drink out of your league.

This tip is twofold. First you choice of liquor and second the amount involved. Simply put, know your limitations and stick to it. If you are not one to grab a bottle, tip it up and guzzle a number of swallows, then why the hell would you do that in Vegas in front of a bunch of people you just met? If you can drink a lot of Jack, then go ahead and do so. If Bacardi and Cokes are your thing, enjoy. Beer could be the ticket for you. Do not crossover to the dark side and change in mid stream because everyone else is drinking something else. I doubt any one will force you. Besides, there is nothing wrong with saying no.

Me, I am a beer man. I can drink a lot of it when I am in the right mood. I also enjoy Maker's Mark with ginger ale. I can usually be found for about 6 hours playing Pai Gow at TI, sorting cards and drinking my whisky. Thus, I do not have any intention to suddenly try to match Al bottle for bottle on SoCo, nor any other liquor. As I said, I will have a tumble or two, but Lite is my ticket. I suggest you do the same. Drink you drink. Experiment with something else but consume in your boundaries.

Stay within your limits and you will have a good time. Isn't that the point of Vegas?

I had a good time last night with some former co-workers. Was done at Saz's, a venerable rib house in Milwaukee. Was there for happy hour, enjoying some Sprecher Amber. Saz's happy hour is quite pathetic, I must say. Looks like $2.50 tappers of Miller products, a couple cents off of mixers and some cheap wine. They put some cheese and stale crackers out as well. Sad. We ordered some appetizers later on. My advice is to stay away from the friend eggplant. I thought I had taken a bit out of a piece of chewey meat. Not good at all. Little value in the happy hour there. Many better places to go.

But the Sprecher went down well.

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Human Head said...

"Do not drink out of your league."

If you're going to listen to any advice at all, that is definitely the first and THE most important piece of advice to remember.