Friday, May 06, 2005

I didn't plan it this way

But sometimes you are forced to play poker.

So says Mother Nature. It looks like it may rain a good portion of the weekend. Thus, I will not be able to cut the grass. Damn! Instead I may just sit inside with nothing to do.

Hmm...what to do? Play poker? If you insist!

I checked out a new site, Noble Poker, home of the next WPBT tournament (sorry Iggy, I had already dl'd from Pauly the day before). Noble isn't bad. I don't see anything that makes it stand out yet, but there also isn't anything that is terrible on there.

It would be helpful if you could open separate windows for your tables instead of clicking on the box in the corner. A place to show what your bonus status is would be good too instead of the weekly email I was told I would receive.

The play there is rather interesting. Lots of people calling down with second pair or ace bad kicker. It should be a place to make a bit of money while drinking- and bonus whoring.

I see that Czabe didn't let me down, though I wish he would have been harsher on the Deadskins. He is totally correct too. I would be upset if the Cowboys traded for another player, who has down nothing to distinguish himself at his position, and gave him big money on a new contract even though he is currently under a very friendly contract.

Insane moves by the Deadskisn. And I am loving it! Now if only the Iggles could have a total lapse of reasoning and give in to their knucklehead.

I think the plan for tonight is to stop by Bert's and get a couple of Sprechers, play some poker and then head out to Big Mamas to see what is going on.

Next week I will have to play around and learn how to put picture up. Why? I work with a guy that looks exactly like Beaker from the Muppet Show. And I have the proof!

This is pretty boring. I need a beer.


AlCantHang said...

8 short hours until it's beer o'clock.

J. Gambino said...

Less than a mere four hours until it is my own Happy Hour. Going camping, 1/2 day of vacation. Looks like rain, which means, "She's got the Jack!", baby. Only wish my friend StB were there to sit in his chair repeating his favorite answer to every trivia question.

Anonymous said...

Don't look now but the sun is beginning to shine. The grass should be dry by the time you get home. -- Your neighbor