Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I plead guilty your honor

Little did I know I was breaking the law. I was willfully doing so again and again and again. No, I am not talking about underage drinking (I plead guilty again your honor). I am talking tailgating before Brewers game. Apparently, it is illegal to do so.

I wonder if I was playing any Judas Priest at the time?

Yes, only in Milwaukee would there be such a stupid law. I also like the stupid poll next to the story asking if you would attend games. Who are the dolts who suddenly are like "Huh, I can't drink? Then I ain't goin!" Hey, stop pointing at me!!!

The common council now has to vote to change it. Why do I get the feeling that our governor will some how stick his nose in and veto it?


James Wigderson said...

How many cops ignored the law while being handed a free brat or burger from a happy tailgater?

And does this mean the Klement's Sausage Haus in the parking lot is illegal, too?

StB said...

Of course. Apparently it is an illegal tavern.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the governor can veto a city ordinance you brainstem. try a little civics 101.