Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What do you want to do with yourself?

I find myself in a curious position as of late. My employment ends on May 26. I have a nice compensation package coming my way if a permanent position is not offered. Though it would be nice, I am not sure that is what I want.

I will be paid by the company well after I leave. If they offer me a permanent position, I would have to work the week before going to Vegas. Hmmm...two week paid vacation or one? Yeah, tough call huh . Funny thing, I don't think my boss even realizes that I have but 8 days remaining. And my co-worker is pretty unhappy and has hinted about leaving.

Yesterday I forgot to give reviews on the beer at the Lakefront Brewery. As mentioned already, I am a fan of the White. My admiration for the Riverwest grew a bit. Plus, I must say the Eastside Dark was pretty damn good too. I didn't care for the Snakebite Stout or the Cattail Ale. The stout lacked some character that I would prefer in a stout while the Cattail was too hoppy for my taste. The big disappointment had to be in the Cherry. There was none. They ran out last week. A good cherry beer is hard to find. I was hoping to try a nice fresh one. Guess I have to wait until next year.

All that beer talk is making me thirsty. Not quite the way I want to start the day.

I may become a bit of a hermit over the next couple days. I see that Poker Morgue Mountain is trying to reinvent itself. Out of nowhere came an email declaring a series of freerolls over the next 5 days. In my quest to have a good showing in Vegas I should play them to get the tourney skills up. Anything I can do to avoid doing the dishes is worthwhile.

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