Saturday, May 14, 2005

You are an evil bastard!!!

The day started off pretty well. It was nice to have the weekend here. Last night's happy hour was deemed a success. Checked out some new bars that ranked well. A review of the Home Bar and Lee's Lounge will be forthcoming. I don't remember much about the Groove. I was comfortably numb at that point.

What made my morning so good was finding my contact. Yes, I found that sonnuvabitch today. Of course, only I would wake up groggy, stumble into the bathroom to pee and then begin to look for a contact lens that was lost yesterday. I am still looking for a cover to a pot that has to be in my kitchen somewhere.

I think I looked because the contact could not have gone down the drain. It had be in the tub area. The worst case scenario was that it was on my body and fell off in the bedroom or hallway. I looked around the tub and found the bugger on the shower curtain. Cleaned it up and I can see again. I will have to go to Walgreens and return the eye patch now.

On a different note, Wig you are an evil bastard!!! That was the damn song that was, WAS, stuck in my head. It had gone away until I saw what you did this morning. Now it is back.

Thanks friend!

Plus now I will have people to this site when they look for that damn song. Boy are they in for a rude awakening. If you got here by searching 'John Denver' I have news for you. He is still dead.

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James Wigderson said...

yes! Now picture me singing it along with the radio yesterday afternoon.