Thursday, June 02, 2005

The cat is on to me

Last post before I leave. I will probably have some audio updates for you while I am out there.

The cat knows something is up. I know he does. He actually let me sleep in. Then, when the alarm did go off, he wouldn't stay out of my way. Louder than usual. Even though he was fed and given fresh water, he still wouldn't shut up. Must have been eyeing the bag during the night. He is not happy. Then when I got home in the afternoon, he started it all up again. Hopefully Gambino can ease his loneliness.

Got out of work early today. It was hellacious. Anyone who knows me knows I was there physically, not mentally. I did get stuff done but certain issues arose and came to the forefront so it feels like I have nothing done. Don't matter now as I will be gone for the next 4 days. My boss was understanding of the crap we were going through. I told her I could handle it. No matter how bad it is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. At least that is what she heard. What I meant was "There is Lite at the end of the tunnel!". Many Lites in fact.

Went to the bank to get cash for the trip. I handed the teller my check. She looked at the amount and asked how I wanted it. Time to practice my bluffing skills. All singles. She looked at me. I stared back. She looked. I put on the sunglasses. She then moved to get it. Ha! I showed my hand and asked for large bills. She chuckled but I pulled my first bluff.

Couldn't help but notice the old lady watching me as I left. She looked kinda shifty so I kept an eye on her as well. Thought of all the Jackie Chan movies I have watched so I was ready if she was feeling froggy. No incident to report there.

Before I go, I must relate one siting that amazed me yesterday. Just before I reached my freeway exit to work, I noticed the license plate on the minivan in front of me. It read "FRAMTON". I looked and wondered if this person was a Peter Frampton fan. If so, why couldn't you have done better? I mean use FRAMPTN OR FRMPTON. That just looks lame. Then I noticed they had stuck on letters- now faded- on the door that did read "Peter Frampton". Does that mean there are two other big Frampton fans that beat this person to the better plates? Scary.

I am outta here! Hopefully I have a very successful story to tell when I get back. I check this morning and there were 1031 players registered for tomorrow. I don't see the need to rush there tonight and sign up now. I will just doing it a couple hours before the tournament. At the very least, I will have stories.


djw said...

Can't wait to hear all the stories. I wish I was going with you--maybe next year.

James Wigderson said...

Are you sure it wasn't the Peter Frampton tour bus? When was his last hit?