Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gotta good feelin'

I have tomorrow off so today is my Friday. Of course, I am trying to do as little as possible at work which is near impossible considering it is the end of a quarter.

My assistant just came back to work after having the first half of the week off. She has been yawning all morning talking about how hard it is to give up bloody mary's for breakfast, followed by Coronas all day. When I asked how she could still be tired, hours later, she replied "Kinda pathetic huh?". No. Not at all. I told her I was proud of her (she is in her 50s). That means she had a great time and gave 'er hell!

Which I plan to do this weekend. This 4 day weekend!

Summerfest day 1 is here! Hoping to get some DP action in. That is Deep Purple you perverts. If I could get the other, I probably would have a 5 day weekend.

I will probably catch Chevelle later as well. Don't know for sure but also don't see why I wouldn't catch the show.

All in all it looks to be a good weekend, even though the friend I was heading down to the lakefront with has bailed on me. I had a feeling he might. But I got in touch with some metalheads so it will probably be better. Look for day 1 report tomorrow.

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