Monday, June 27, 2005

Random acts of beer

It was a warm Sunday. Miller Park wasn't particularly hot. There was a nice breeze coming in from center field for a while. The concourse was comfortable; not stuffy.

Brian and I had gone to see the Brewers sweep the Twinkies. We bought our cheap seats (upper terrace as bleachers were sold out) and walked around the stadium to catch different views. We had hopes that a friends of Brian's, a cop, could find us two seats behind home plate. We that didn't pan out, we took a couple in section 129, the left field line.

Nice view but smack dab in the sun. Now it was hot. The difference between the shade of the concourse and the seats in the sun was noticeable. Worse yet, it appeared we sat in a beer averse section. Through 4 innings, only one beer vendor came by! This was insane. We had to be in one of the warmest areas and nary a beer vendor in sight.

One poor guy two rows ahead of us was sweating buckets. He had finished his beer and was waiving an empty bottle in hopes of getting a beer guy 2 sections down to come over. Something had to be done. Someone had to step to the plate.

Me? I had to step to the men's room. But as I left, I told Brian I was not only bringing beer back for us, but for the poor guy two rows down.

At first, the girl wouldn't sell me 3 beers. She was enforcing the limit. So I asked what happens if I get back in line? No problem. I bought 2, took a step back, then forward, and ordered one more. I walked back in gave our beers to Brian and then walked down and hand the guy the ice cold Lite and told him "Here. I feel your pain". The look on his face was priceless. It should be. Anytime you get a beer for free out of nowhere is a good thing. The people around him laughed and thought it was pretty cool too.

Thus, random acts of beer is born! I see now that I must help people out this summer. When someone is in dire need of a beer, I shall be the one to step forward to quench that thirst.

Random acts of beer can pay dividends too. At last call, when a beer guy finally came around, I was ready to order two when my in need-of-a-beer-friend popped up and bought them for us!

Random acts of beer work. I suggest you try it yourself.


J. Gambino said...

I see the power of random acts of beer and embrace the idea.

So, what's next? Random acts of sex? Giddy-up!

StB said...

I think I offer that all the time to the women but I can't get any takers.

djw said...

as stb already said I make that offer all the time, but evidently to the wrong women.

Aleta said...

Hey Stb....I am really thirsty and there is no beer in our house right now.....Somehow I don't see your cab pulling up and dropping off a beer for me...

djw said...

good one. I wish I would have thought of writing that. It is nice to have a good laugh before going to bed. Thanks 'A'.