Monday, July 11, 2005

Bus ride from hell

Summerfest is over. Personally, I thought it was a good lineup, contrary to everyone bitching about certain acts not being there. Get over it people. If you couldn't find something to see over 11 days that hit your interests then go cry somewhere else. Not at my fest!

I took yesterday to recover. It felt weird laying in bed at about 10:30. My body was wondering what the hell I was doing after 3 nights of passing out between 1:30 and3 am.

Saturday night was nice down at the Fest except for it being on the crowded side. Mind you I am not complaining as it was maybe the only crowded night this year. I did catch the Cardboard Vampyres for about 45 minutes. They were pretty good, playing some good stuff. I must admit I didn't recognize all of the cover tunes they were doing. But I don't think the crowd did either. The biggest reaction was when they did the Alice in Chains song, Would?. There wasn't much of a reaction when they cranked into Metallica's Seek and Destroy. I may have been only one of the dozen or so that recognized AC/DC's Night Prowler. The crowd (at least in the back where I was) just wasn't into it. So after 45 minutes (they started late by 15), I had to take off to catch up with friends.

I am disappointed I didn't have a chance to see Beatallica. Al and BadBlood, check these guys out. They look like they would be a good time. I thought Beatallica was going on at 6, but it turned out to be 6:30. Hell, I was down at the Miller stage talking with friends, drinking beer and running to tons of people here and there. Still, I would have loved to hear The Thing that Should not Let it Be.

One of the more interesting sights of the day was the chick puking on herself and then collapsing in her friend's arms. Security happened to be there right after it happened so they made the call to the ambulance. They also called in another dozen security personnel to establish a perimeter around the drunk girl. It was they were preventing anyone from entering the crime puke scene. It looked rather ridiculous. Then the little golf cart ambulance shows up to carry her away. Later she came walking buy still wearing the puke shirt.

At the end of the night, we made a big mistake. Instead of catching a ride with someone who had driven, we opted for the bus. We had to wait about 15 minutes for the bus to get there and then another 45 minutes just to get out of the parking lot. The only good thing was the chick in the next bus over showing her tits off. Not just a flash, a good viewing was had for all. Then she gave us a nice moon to finish the show. That scene was ruined by the total dolt behind me who was bitching about the bus driver. We hadn't even left the parking lot and he was given all kinds of directions on how to get out. Hey moron, we are still in parking lot due to no fault of the driver. When we got out of the lot, we headed down the one street leading out from this particular lot. Dipshit behind me has to spout off about how we are taking side streets to get out. Again idiot boy, there is one way out for the bus. Shut the hell up already.

By the time we got back to the bar, I had a headache and my buzz was gone. I did have a good time at Summerfest Saturday night though. More notes on other things may be forthcoming. the Drinking for Jesus tour will reconvene on Friday night followed by an all day event for the South Shore Frolics on Saturday. My liver may be on strike after that.

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Aleta said...

FYI...we had a "preferred Parking" pass in Lot D and it took us 1 1/2 hours to get out of the lot. Then I got to ride home with Mario who had to pee. So 1 1/2 hours in lot, 10 minutes home and he got out of the car and into the house so fast he was like a blurr...Priceless was the look of relief on his face when I got in the house..