Saturday, July 23, 2005

Did someone say Happy Hour

It was the need for weed. No not dope. The nearby bar. A colleague of mine called up and wanted to know if I was interested in heading out for a beer or two after work. What a dumb question, huh?

6 24oz beer later, I was out of there and heading up to Big Mama's to see what was going on up there. Gambino said she'd be up there and I knew her hubby was already there. Gambino was off meeting a friend at a different watering hole before going to see a band. I had no intention of seeing the band. But what are intentions anyway?

While at Big Mama's we couldn't help but notice some blonde chicks congregating in the corner putting on these straw cowboy hats. One of them had a nice little ass too, but I digress. They turned out to be Miller girls doing a little promotion based on the "Taste Matters" campaign Miller has. They came by and asked you "survey" questions. In return you got a visor or a customized shirt. You could give them any saying and they would print it up on a Miller shirt. Whatever you put on there would show up as BLANK Matters. I tried to get "While drinking, I..." put on the shirt. But the computer wouldn't take it. Huh? It's a freaking beer promotion and it won't print "drinking" on a shirt. It would change it to "drinkin". Strange. I had the girl try a couple of times until she was getting annoyed with me so I stopped. She suggested putting the Packers on there until I vehemently rejected that idea. Yes, vehemently. Being the dull wit I am, I told her to put the Dallas Cowboys on there. Not bad, but of course I had a much better idea when I got to the next bar. I should have gone with Random Acts of Beer. Damn, opportunity missed. But the girl did have a sweet little ass.

At this point, Gambino's hubby talked me into going to a different bar to see the band. Actually we went to another bar to meet up with people and then off to a hole in the wall to see the band. The band was Last Call and they were playing a dinky bar called the Doctor's Office. Tiny bar that shouldn't really have a band in there but I guess it worked. I am basically half in the bag (go on, guess which half) and as long as I have a cold beer in front of me, I really don't care. The band itself was good. Playing anything from the 80s, they did the songs very well. Not your typical set list either, which is always a plus in my book. They are worth catching a church festival where you can drink while having some good music playing in the background.

After a hour or so of the band, I realized I had hit my limit. Surprisingly I didn't come home for drunken poker. Instead I pissed some money away this morning on a number of bad beats. Full Tilt Hangover is in full effect.

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