Friday, July 29, 2005

Tailgating failures

Though I had a good time tailgating with the crowd before the game yesterday, I must say they did have some major mistakes made. I offer this up to you so the same mistakes are not made.

Offhand, I was a bit shocked at the cooler situation. Whereas they pulled off having various coolers with different beverages in each (well done), they made a vital mistake in beer purchase. They bought equal amounts of Lite and Bud Light. DON'T DO THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS! First, supplying the fake beer was bad enough, but why so much? They should know their group well enough to know that the Lite would go much faster than the canned water. Though the beer was gone, I couldn't take any St. Louis rice water into my stomach.

Which reminds me of the thought I had in the Port-O-John. As I stood there doing my business, I noticed a bottle of Bud sitting there. Couldn't help but think "Hey, a refilling station for Bud!"

When the Lite was gone, I switched to Mike's Hard Lemonade. That was until I noticed the bottles of Guinness in the other cooler. Sweet! But this lead to mistake number two. One should never drink Guinness out of anything but a glass. If you have bottles or cans, you should bring a glass to pour it into. It just doesn't taste the same. I drank it all but I felt dirty doing so. Drinking Guinness out of a bottle? I felt disgusted. It may be just my opinion, but I believe I can get the Blogfather to back me up here.

But the tailgate wasn't a total waste. Somehow someone had a brilliant idea. They got a ball and some chalk and started playing 4 square. Remember this from the playground? Get some beer in you, draw up some square and watch the competition begin. Good time!

So take notes and make sure you next tailgate party is a success.


James Wigderson said...

Not just any glass, but a pint glass.

But I have a question. Is Guinness really a tailgate beer? Wouldn't Becks be a better choice if you're going for one of those funny foreign beers?

(I would've said Harp but Harp is really only good on tap. With a corned beef sandwich. Or a taco. Dammit, now I'm hungry.)

djw said...

that is just SO CLICHE!! Adults today play the sports from their childhoods. Hey. we're from the '?' generation--lets play dodgeball and kickball. Aren't we cool/retro? When I read these stories, I applaud natural selection/thinning the herd.

djw said...

i really do have to stop posting when i'm drunk.