Monday, August 01, 2005

Crap month is over

July is over. It is a crappy work month for me. The month after the end of a quarter is always going to be a crap month. I already am hating October. I am happy I don't need to keep an eye on a fax machine anymore.

But July was a very good month for me. Take out the work factor and it was damn good. Summerfest was good with Night Ranger and Whitesnake. There were some good weekends of drinking, like the South Shore Frolics and camping this past weekend (thanks to Gambino, A, R and K for all the work they do behind the scenes). I had my fill of all day benders with no pacing necessary. I felt my poker game was a bit better. I even scheduled a Vegas trip for Labor Day week.

If my calculations are correct, out of 744 hours in July, I had a drink in my hand approximately 132 of them. 5.5 days. Not too shabby. As I was saying, I had a fun month even though work got in the way. Or was the impetus?

Makes me look at August with anticipation. Looking forward this month looks pretty busy. So far, there is the State Fair probably this weekend. If I don't see Cinderella and Ratt, I will probably watch Bobby Friss. Following that is the beer cruise. Then there is the party at my friend John's. I recall last year drinking the wop, getting pretty buzzed up, driving to a liquor store and buying 3 cases of beer as well as a six pack of Mickey's (that should be a post in itself, Mickey Big Mouth's rock! Toss me a hand grenade!), antagonizing the hell out of a Bud rep and passing out at midnight on the couch. End of the month is, is, is, something. I don't recall what but I am pretty sure the end of the month is another get together somewhere. Mix in Brewers games and free wings at Hooters and I don't know when I may get some rest.

Plus training camp is open!!! America's Team is on the practice fields in Oxnard, California. You can keep up on what is going on with the free daily video updates at the Dallas Cowboys site. Just knowing that football is a month away feels good.

So because it is going to be hot out, it has been declared an Ozone Action Day. So I am not suppose to mow the lawn because of it. Damn, the things I do to help the environment.

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Lance Steel said...

132 hours with a beer in your hand? I wonder what mine would be...