Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Must be a slow day at the DNC

One thing that is sure to piss me off is when any political party makes an issue that is not political, well, political. I saw this article and sat back in amazement. The level of stupidity involved here is astronomical.

Bush to blame for fat kids. Ok, that isn't the title of the article but it might as well be. Someone at the Democrat National Committee found a way to take the President's physical fitness and turn it into a reason why kids today are fat. And let's tack on women being held back too. That always gets them women into a fury too.

Let's analyze this one. So President Bush is a healthy guy. Good news. But his education policy is detrimental to kids because funding for physical education dropped by 25%. So instead of 70-some million dollars, only 55-some million dollars are being spent. The shift of money is for "higher priority" activities. Could that be like English or Science? Nah. Kids don't go to school to learn. They go to play dodgeball. Oh wait. They don't get to do that anymore either. What do kids do in P.E. nowadays? I really have no clue. But as for a budget, how much could a bunch of sneaker, shorts and shirts cost anyway? Run the kids around the gym. Have them learn proper running techniques. Works for the President. Why not the kids? I bet that wouldn't even cost 55-some million dollars.

It is also the Potus fault that some kids need to pay to play athletics. Now poor Johnny needs to pay to play football. Growing up, I was part of a neighborhood sports league. Come to think of it, we had to pay for that privilege. Why shouldn't high school kids? Are they going there to learn? According to the DNC's summary, apparently they are going there to learn mad skillz to earn major dollars playing pro sports. A proper education isn't mentioned in this article. Hmm....

Of course the DNC needs to find a way that women have been hurt. Good old Title IX needs to be invoked. Even though many people know that this law has been bent, twisted, and manipulated out of shape (like the billions of tubby kids apparently), it must be put out there for all to see as the President taking opportunities away from women. Um, he isn't. Of course, the opposite side could be he is ensuring sports for men. Balance of fitness. This can be argued as a wash. Women, men, what's the diff. Someone is physically fit in the end. Unless of course it is a lineman on the football team. He may just be fat.

Back to the tubby kids. An estimated 9 million kids are obese nowadays, amounting to about 30% of American kids. How is this the President's fault? Maybe I missed his campaign promise of a Playstation in every house and a Gameboy in every kid's hand. Is it the Potus fault that Billy is a lardass? No! How about the parents? Can't be. Parents aren't responsible for anything their kids do today. Someone else is to blame. Is it the kids? Kids don't play outside anymore. They go in to play video games and surf in the internet.

The conclusion. It is Al Gore's fault. He invented the internet afterall! He is to blame for the fatsos around our country. The DNC is going for the classic "We didn't do it" excuse. Well, I for one am not buying it. I will not buy my value meal tonight. I will not buy the donuts tomorrow. I will not drink beer, oops, didn't mean that.

All I want is common sense. No spin on the trivial. Democrats are stupid enough as it is. Thanks for making yourself that much more of an idiot. An obese idiot at that.

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