Friday, August 12, 2005

The weekend is just hours away

But those are some long hours. Good thing is the boss is out today. I am basically on my own today. So I will probably cut out of here earlier than I usually would which is early to being with.

I noticed a strange trend over the last couple of days outside of my house. There is a tiny house across from mine that sits along an alley. It was just renovated and looks quite a bit better than it had. A lady in about her mid 40s bought it. She drives a convertible SAAB. I believe she just bought it. It reminds me of Seinfeld's car for what it is worth. Anyways, it has rained the last 2 nights in Milwaukee. Each of these morning I have walked out just to notice the windows are down on her car. Unless she is up early driving off to get some coffee or something, that is a lot rain pouring into that vehicle. It probably has leather seat like mine, but still, that is a mess to clean up and could screw up the power windows.

Yesterday after getting out of work, I headed across the street for a going away party. One of my friends took a job downtown and has left us. I admire her for making a change. A couple people she worked with all hate their job but do nothing about it. At least she decided to do something and see what else is out there. She took a good step in her career by getting out of a dead end job.

Sadly, as not many people showed up as I would have expected. Worse was one of her best friends at work didn't show. His excuse was as weak as it could be. I don't like bars. He is a wuss to begin with, but to be that selfish is pathetic. Sometimes you need to stop thinking about yourself and just do it for her you idiot. I could go on about this pansy but will save it for another time.

Tonight I will be heading up to catch the Brewers again. It dawned on my earlier that I may have seen them win once this year. May. It is a big series against the Reds. Need to bounce back. At the very least, I will enjoy my fill of beer.

Tomorrow is a beer cruise down the *cough cough* beautiful Milwaukee River. Tap off is at 10:45 am. Some friends did this last year and explained to me how it worked as they recruited me. A boat will hit 3 brew pubs. At each, you get out and drink their beer. Sounds like a great idea to me. They say that 2 of the 3 places let you go to town and drink as much as you want. That sounds even better. So I should be feeling damn good by 3 in the afternoon. Remember, there is no such thing as pacing yourself.

By the time I awake on Sunday, I can catch the recap of the Cowboys game and see how the first units performed. That is what sucks about exhibition football. You can only judge a team play by about a dozen plays. The only game that matters is the 3rd game when the first unit usually plays 2 1/2 quarters. But in the first game you hope to see the first unit put together a good drive and put some points on the board, no matter how meaningless they may be. For example, I had the Packers game on in the background yesterday as I played some poker. From what I saw, the Chargers moved the ball well against them but didn't get any points. But the Packers offense put together an 80 yard drive and got the TD. That is what you want.

That's it for now. I need to get something to drink. I should bring a bottle of Maker's Mark in to give the coffee a nice punch. Then my Friday wouldn't be boring.


James Wigderson said...

Are we there yet?

StB said...

I am. Only about 2 hours til I have a beer in my hand though.