Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My naked wrist

I was just about at work when I noticed the very white skin around my wrist. You know that area. It doesn't see any sunlight because of the time piece that is suppose to cover it.

How the hell did I forget my watch? It is one of those routine things. Grab wallet, put on watch, grab keys and sunglasses, go out door to garage. Simple.

Kinda like when you are eating and suddenly bite your tongue. I have been on this planet for how many years, with the majority of those eating solid foods, and still manage to bite my tongue. WTF?

You think I would have learned last week too. My watch died in Vegas. Of all the places for a watch to call it quits, Las Vegas may be the worst place for it to happen. I sat at a poker table for what seem like forever. Because somehow it was always 1:30. Time stood still as I made money. Guy next to me was probably screwed for asking me the time. I bet his wife gave him hell when he showed up late.

It was bad enough that I ditched the watch. It felt weird not having that little weight on my wrist. But it was driving me nuts looking at the wrong time. Today, that naked white wrist will annoy me. I will probably glance down wondering what time it is just to see nothing.

The Milwaukee Brewers are back to .500. Yes, the kringle line has been achieved again. Amazing how just having a winning season can make people happy. The Brewers haven't had a winning season in 12 years. 12 years! They could be contenders next year with some pitching. Yeah, laugh now, but it can happen.


Anocsanamun said...

That post was pretty cute...

Erik said...

Good to hear that a Milwaukee boy did well on the tables. I'm sure that money will be distributed to various needy Milwaukee bars in the near future. *laughs*

Speaking of the Brewers, we just need a couple good, consistant starting pitchers. Turnbow might be a hick, but he's a damn fine closer. Of course, we need everyone to play consistantly since a lot of our losses this year were from the pitching tanking or good pitching and no runs on the board.