Thursday, September 15, 2005


There are some things I can be patient with. Cooking a good steak. Waiting for a good friend to show up. A good poker hand.

Others I have no tolerance for. Stupid people. Anyone who lacks common sense. People that cannot follow simple directions. IT problems at work.

It amazes me how people can have their job totally shut down if the network isn't working. That is happening to me this morning. Somehow I did get throughout to the net to post this. Otherwise I have no access to my email (I did for a couple of minutes and noticed I had some work to review from my boss that I skipped over of course) or to some files I need. So I got to working on some other issues I had put on the back burner. I started making phone calls to other employees on the west coast following up on requests we had made a month ago. One month later we don't have this information. That means I get to be the bad ass and pound them into submission. I left a bunch of not so nice voicemails. Somehow I had the phone number of someone at home and woke that person up. Serves them right! If they had followed directions in the beginning of the year, we wouldn't have had to do this. So I am glad I woke that person up. It made my morning so far.

See this whole thought process started yesterday when I got the mail at home. One of my vampire tenants just doesn't know the address for the apartment. He keeps putting my address on his stuff. Thus I receive some of his mail. I just put it on the back steps for them to collect. But I am getting sick of this. I see problems ahead. When I get my mail, I open whatever looks important. I don't look at who it is addressed to. I just open it. Thus, sometimes I open his mail. It doesn't happen often, but I don't want it to get to the point of where they think I am reading their mail on purpose.

So a couple of weeks ago, he started receiving Sports Illustrated. Or should I say, I started receiving SI. I am thinking I should keep the copy until I finish with it and then give it to them. If they cannot correct the address then screw 'em. And if the Cowboys are the featured article, he may not even get it.

See, I can't stand people that cannot fill out a simple form correctly. It is a good thing I do not hire people for this company. I am sure I wouldn't hire some people just because of their license plate. Yes, you read that correctly. I would finish my job interview by asking to see their car. I would then look at how the renewal sticker is place on the license plate. If it isn't on top of the old one, as instructions on the envelope explain where to put it, and they have these stickers scattered all over the plate, I would not hire that person. If they cannot follow directions on how to apply a sticker, why should I trust them to work with confidential information?

All things Dave has popped up again. This time he asks about drinking during a football game and how to- God forbid- pace yourself. Dave, what is wrong with you? I have addressed this topic a number of times. Repeat after me: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PACING YOURSELF! If you are pacing yourself, that means you do not want to get drunk. If you do not want to get drunk, then why are you drinking? Furthermore, how the hell do you get drunk by the 3rd quarter??? I will cut you some slack on this one with one simple assumption. I will assume you and your buddies are popping shots for each Steeler touchdown (they did look good on Sunday). If so, that could lead to a faster buzz. But you shouldn't be drunk at the end of the third. Sounds like you are not in football drinking shape. You didn't perform the preseason drills. I can't help you there.

Looks like some applications are working now. Time to work. Damn, I would rather talk about the crazy pineapple tournament I played in too.

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