Monday, September 26, 2005

A trip to Philly

Yeah, I was in rough shape yesterday. If you are going to take any advice from this blog, make it this one (courtesy of Eva): Never fly out the day after heavy drinking.

Truer words are rarely spoken. When I got home on Sunday, I walked out of the airport and into a downpour. It was raining. Hard. I was soaked by the time I got to my car. I took on more water in the Taco Bell drive thru (TB is the best food for a hangover). I then tried to settle down, eat the food and veg out watching football. That worked for a bit.

I then logged onto play a poker freeroll and "watch" the Cowboys game on I like following the play-by-play. Yeah, it was like a hammer smacking my when I saw the 24-12 score at halftime. But I had faith. I knew the defense would come through, that the Niners had scored 14 points on just two big plays. Needless to say, the final made me happy and took some of the pain away. Oh, and Julian Peterson, the clown who guaranteed victory, wasn't even a factor. 4 tackles before he left with an injury. Wuss.

But let's go back to the beginning. I arrived in Philly just after 11. I had a message from the wonderful MrsCantHang asking where I was. How do I know? I haven't been here before. As I headed out to the baggage claim, I received another call from her and soon found her outside. I hopped into the Pathfinder and we were off to eat Philly cheesesteaks- in Delaware!

I trust what she knows. If she says the best cheesesteak is in Delaware, who the hell am I to disagree? After taking a couple of bites, I was in heaven. That was one DAMN GOOD SANDWICH! My eyes may have glazed over in food orgasm.

After lunch, we had to kill some time before Bobby Bracelet came to town. We had no idea what to do so we started driving. She decided to stop somewhere and get some smokes. $28 bucks a carton? Good deal? I don't know. I don't smoke. But I bet some people home here in Milwaukee will have wished I had brought them a carton or two. Problem is I wouldn't have been able to. Since we were still in DE, we could only bring 2 cartons per person to Pennsylvania. Yep, I was a mule hauling cigs for someone else.

We headed back to the airport where we did a couple of laps. The airport police are real hardasses and won't let you park and wait for someone. They are on you fast! During one lap we saw one really studly looking guy, with his hair all slicked back, acting tough. What a greaseball! Soon we would have Bobby and cruising to pick up Al and check into the hotel.

Our trip to our digs for the weekend would include a ride through Valley Forge. There we saw some of the cabins they had restored. I was shocked to see how small they were. Not much of a cabin as it was a crawl area. I didn't know our forefathers were that short! We also saw a lot of deer out by the road in the middle of the day, acting like they owned the place. Of course, it would have been smart for me to have the camera out to take some pictures but I ain't that bright.

I also didn't get a picture of the best road sign I have ever seen. Apparently they don't have speed bumps in Penn. They have Speed Humps. Yes, I saw signs proclaiming a speed hump ahead. So now sex in public is good too, but only if you do it really fast. Guess you don't want to attract a crowd.

The suite we were staying at was nice. Or for what I saw. We were there just long enough to check in and head to the now infamous Boathouse.

Look for a bar review tomorrow. Though I was thoroughly impressed with the place, there was a small downside. Thankfully the one negative was blown away by the positives.

Soon we were taking a spot in the lower bar area, a spot that Al has used for many a tumbler of SoCo. Bobby the bartender was cool as was Terry. I went on a tear trying as many different beers as I could. I started with a blonde Abbey and quickly moved to the local brew, Yuengling (that is pronounced Ying Ling). Not bad. Kinda reminded me of a hoppier Leinenkugel. I also tried a Sly Fox, a nice wheat beer from a local brewery before topping it off with some Rolling Rock. Now that I had the PA beers done, I went back to the imports. A triple dunkel, then a Scottish ale. Some Red Stripe. There were more. I just lost count. I know I had at least 10 different beers before switching to Lite to cap the night. Needless to say, I was having a good time and was comfortably buzzed.

Plus it was more than beer I was drinking. There were a couple of shots mixed in there as well. When Al orders shots, you don't get a shot glass. You get a tumbler that has about 3 shots in it. I learned from watching the master that a reasonable person does not try to pop it all down in one drink. You can drink half then finish it off. Much better.

I pretty much lost all track of time from there. I recall going to a diner after that for food. I had a Dutch omelet. What it was exactly I have no clue. Supposedly on the way to the hotel I was singing Footloose in the car. Yeah, I was drunk and being stupid. So what!

That was nothing compared to the Bash at the Boathouse. Look for the boathouse review tomorrow. I hope I can explain the place and do it justice.

Right now I have to go to the store and get some food. I would kill for one of those cheesesteaks now. But my cat would kill me because he has no litter to poop on.


EvaCanHang said...

We were happy to have you here! You are welcome to come back and visit any time... we'll save a seat for you!

And remember what Terri said...



StB said...

What Terri said? I have no clue!

Blonde said...

Sorry I missed such a good time :(.

Valley Forge park is beautiful and the cabins are small. I got a $100 ticket for having sex in that park when I was in college...from a cop on a horse.

Steve said...

It's funny to me how we Pennsylvanias take "lager" for granted. Anywhere around here you just order a lager and you get a Yuengling. Go anywhere South of Maryland and ask for a lager and you get "Which?".

Apparently, Sly Fox beer is something we take for granted in Phoenixville too. My brother-in-law, who lives in Chattanooga, loves the stuff.

Sort of makes me wish I liked drinking...