Monday, September 19, 2005

Two things I do not like

No beating around the bush here. I do not like Monday Night Football. I hate the Washington Redskins. Add them together and you have one ticked off Cowboys fan.

I think MNF is a farce. It is not the best matchup of the week as many people like to think. It is not showcasing the best teams in the NFL. C'mon, the Deadskins on MNF? What a joke.

But what really irks me (yes, I said irk. Sometimes you get harsh language here!) is having to wait another day to watch the Cowboys play. I don't want to wait that day. I want to watch football on Sunday. Not Monday. And not at night.

And tonight should be a great night. The triplets- Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irivin- will go into the Ring of Honor. A number of Cowboys will be in attendance for this event. Even Jimmy Johnson will be on the field. But will we get to see it? Nope. Those sonnovabitches at ABC will not air it. Kiss my ass!

What will happen is I will get some beer and drink it all before halftime. When the game gets tense, I drink more. I drink faster. End result is taking a piss every half hour throughout the night. Hell, I might as well push mattress next to the toilet.

Then there is the Deadskins. I just don't like them or what the organization stands for. Name one good thing they have done. See. You can't.

14-1. That is the Cowboys record over those lowlifes in the last 15 games. Let's make it 15-1.

So yesterday I went over to Gambino's to watch football. They had decided to host a party for the Packers game. What a debacle that game was! But we had a good time. It was much better than being at Big Mamas. It isn't often you sit in someone's backyard watching football.

I also have some advice for everyone about plastic lawn chairs. Don't lean back too far on them. Next thing you know you may be smacking your head on the ground and staring at the stars.


J. Gambino said...

I am so sorry I dared you, but I really need new patio chairs. You only have 3 more to go.

Aleta said...

We neglected to tell you that those chairs go to every game, until they're gone....

All Things Dave said...

Too bad about your Cowboys losing.

A stiff Maker's Mark is in order to ease the pain.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

First, the OG's showed up last night. And for the F'en record...they are the OG Triplets. Not some team that needs the luck of a horse shoe on the side of their helmet. NUFF SAID!

TUNA SUCKS! He can't sit on a lead. He would have been happy with the 3 points at the start of the second half. Can't play like that and win anymore...sorry, things change. Let Drew throw the ball...period!

When they did show Emitt nobody spoke about the LINE that he had...Geez can all those guys upfront get their name on the ring also?