Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Under the knife

I dislike tedious tasks. I am not a fan of mowing the lawn, vacuuming, dishes, etc. But I understand that it takes just a little time to get these things done and out of the way so I can enjoy doing what I like to do.

One of those things is getting a haircut. It is a waste of 15 minutes of my life every couple of months that I will never get back. Just sitting there as the buzz of clippers fills my ear between the idle chat from the barber, drives me nuts. But when those minutes are done, my head looks better and I feel better.

So I drove home, changed clothes, and walked down the street to the barber for the shearing. I find it funny how I have changed over the years. From the days in college where I attempted to have rock star hair. Not quite mullet (longer in the front) but not long enough for head banging guitar god. I got that cut off my senior year as it was deemed time to be serious about a career.

I never did like it short until recently. My barber suggested it and I can't ever see having longer hair again. It gets too "bushy" for me on the sides. Once it fails the Convertible Test, I know it is time to make the walk.

When I walked into the barber shop, the girls that were sitting around looked at me like I had 4 arms. I told them I had an appointment with Dan (he owns the place). They mumbled out that he had gone up north already. Huh? I had called that day and was told 4:30 was no problem. Great. One girl offered to do the job for me. What the hell. Why not. She guaranteed me I wouldn't walk out of there looking funny either.

Kim started by pouring what seemed like a bucket of water over my head. She was probably around 22. Somewhat cute, but nothing great. She grabbed the scissors and asked how I wanted it. My guy usually grabs the clippers, pops on the number whatever blade and goes to town. Kim doesn't do that. She gave me an idea of how short to start and suggested we go from there.

I noticed one big difference during the haircut. Actually, two differences. The conversation was more interesting, though not solving-the-earth's-problems interesting. We talked about her caffeine addiction and how she needs 4 Cokes a day, minimum, or she feels ill. After making sure she had the Coke and wasn't jittery, I let her continue to cut my hair. That is when I noticed the second difference. It's been a long time where I have been given the breast press during a haircut. You know, where the girl has to lean in, pressing her chest against you, to get the cut done right. Good thing she didn't save that for the end or I may have had to sit in the chair studying my hair for a couple of minutes before standing.

Overall, it is a good cut. In time of need, I would let her do the job again.

Later, I played a poker tournament with other bloggers. It was fun to get a bunch of these guys together again. Some of the hands played are ridiculous. Needless to say, bluffing is an art in these games.

Good to have the Brewers bring me out of the funk the Cowboys put me in. Two plays within 4 minutes lost them the game. Two plays. Otherwise they dominated the game. Kinda like what the Brewers did but they got the W. They need some more victories to guarantee a winning season though. That would still be an accomplishment.

Finally I apologize to the dozen people that read this daily. Sorry it took me so long to get something done. That WORK thing got in the way early. Now that BEER thing can take over.

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