Monday, October 31, 2005's Halloween!

Halloween by Helloween
Masquerade, masquerade
Grab your mask and don't be late
Get out get out well disguised
Heat and fever in the air tonight
I am not one of those that dresses up for Halloween. Just not my thing. Probably because I am not creative in that manner. I could never come up with a good costume so I never bothered. Plus it is easier nowadays with friends that don't bother to figure out weird costumes. I rather go with one of my standards. The Visible Man and The Bar Patron. Depending on the night, I may even go with Happy Drunk or Mad Drunk.
Meet the others at the store,
Knock on other people's door
Trick or treat they have the choice,
Little ghosts are makin' lotsa noise

I didn't hand out any candy to the trick or treaters yesterday either. I gave up on handing out candy to kids. I don’t get many coming to my house. There are a number of steps they need to climb to get to the front door. Most of them don’t even bother. Thus, I make sure I am off in a bar watching football. Then again, maybe they remember my house as being the one that handed out the really hot candy one year. These things were hotter than Atomic Fireballs. Is it possible I scared them away? Until I have kids, I don't see why I should give some other parent's brats candy. Besides, there aren't that many kids in my neighborhood that I see. I refuse to give candy to the kids whose parents pile them into a van and drive miles away from their own neighborhood just so they can get candy.
But watch out. . .beware
Listen. . .take care
In the streets on Halloween
There's something going on
No way to escape the power unknown
In the streets on Halloween
The spirits will arise
Make your choice, it's hell or paradise
Ah--it's Halloween Ah--it's Halloween. . .tonight!

I have already talked about all the reality shows on haunted places I have watched this season. Most were good. But I was a little disappointed I didn't see the Scariest Places on Earth that featured the Waverly Sanitarium. Best.Episode.Ever. Most Haunted had "live" events going. They weren't live in the U.S. but showed the replays. Some of it was good, but I could have done without the scrawl on the bottom of the screen with comments from viewers. Most of them seem batty. I was pissed that the DVR didn't record Friday's show at the Tower Bridge. I was at the Tower of London and would have loved to have seen what they were finding. I thought I had been in the place they were in last night, Clink's Prison. I thought that might be the London Dungeon, but it wasn't. If I somehow get back over there I would need to check it out. But in the meantime, if you get bored at work later, you can click on the link to check out the live webcams they will have set up. I checked some of them out last night and didn't see anything that looked out of the ordinary. Of course, some people were seeing all kinds of weird stuff. Maybe I should have drank more at the bar during the football games. Maybe the bar is haunted as it was practically a ghost town yesterday. There were 7 patrons in the bar to watch the Packers at kickoff. Not only is their season done, but the so called loyal fans have packed it in as well.
Someone's sitting in a field,
Never giving yield
Sitting there with gleaming eyes,
Waiting for big pumpkin to arise
Bad luck if you get a stone,
Like the good old Charlie Brown
You think Linus could be right
The kids will say it's just a stupid lie
I was a little pissed last Tuesday. Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang were on. I missed the Great Pumpkin. Bummer. I like watching these cartoons. They seem rather cheesy but remind me of what is was like as a kid. Now if only I can remember to catch the Christmas one.
Black is the night full of fright
You'll be missing the day
What will be here very soon
Changing your way
a knock at your door
Is it real or is it a dream
On trembling legs you open the door
And you scream. . . .on Halloween

Ever think of how easy it would be to scare the shit out of people. I have thought about this many a time. But if I ever did anything, I would probably end up in jail. They would probably call it stalking. Plus, I wouldn't want to give any ideas out to people I know. They would probably do one or two of them to me.
Hey, don't forget to add yourself to the map. How else am I going to know who to buy a drink in that part of the country?

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UltimateWriter said...

This is a cool game with a nice little Halloween surprise.

Steve S said...

Oh, man, I went as the "Charlie Brown Ghost" - i.e., a sheet with a bunch of holes cut in it. Nobody got it. A few thought I was the Holy Ghost.