Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kicked to the curb

The Cowboys punted their field goal kicker yesterday. It makes me feel a bit better after Sunday's loss. I do like how Parcells doesn't put up with it and is willing to give someone else a chance. Granted it is a rookie but I don't think he can be any worse.

That is two games that Boys lost because of missed field goals. This team should be 6-1. Even after Sunday's loss, they are still playing some good football. But not great football. Great football would be putting up the clinching touchdown, not having to settle for the field goal attempt. Great football is not playing sieve defense when it matters.

The Cowboys will either get better because of these setbacks or will spiral downward. They actually have talent this year. With a tough NFC East, they cannot afford to not learn from their mistakes. People, we have an interesting football season unfolding before us. Someone from the NFC East is going to the Super Bowl. And it probably ain't the Eagles.

As usual after football Sundays, I came home on Monday and vegged out. I didn't work out. I didn't even eat. I just layed their on the couch in a haze watching Scariest Places on Earth episodes I had recorded over the weekend. I remember a few years back when this show was somewhat "groundbreaking" in their content. The majority of the stories were rather chilling, especially when they had some kind of evidence to back up the claims. But now, with Most Haunted being shown on the Travel Channel and Ghost Hunters on Sci Fi, it pales in comparison. While they do have some good episodes with amateurs investigating haunted places (like the family that goes to the Italian island and has stuff falling around them), too many times you have people that are totally freaked out swearing a place is haunted. They aren't experts. Just scared.

They still catch some things that just cannot be explained. They have a episode about a park in Denver, Cheesman Park, that is built over a cemetery. It was the basis for the movie Poltergeist. In the show, they had two girls try to spend a night in the park. They showed them go into a tent while the investigators were observing the tent from a distance away. As you watched the tape the girls had running inside the tent, you see "hands" or something pushing in on the tent. It isn't wind and it isn't someone outside screwing with them. As the girls are getting terrified, the investigators keep trying to calm them down by telling them there is no one outside the tent and they cannot get hurt.

Ok, if I am inside the tent, and you are telling me there is no one outside messing with me, that will scare me even more. Visions of the Blair Witch movie would going through my mind. There is no way I would stay there for a minute more.

I still have a more episodes to watch of Scariest Places on Earth. This weekend, both Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters will have live episodes going. Either way it will be some good TV to catch.


Blonde said...

My mom still lives in the old house we grew up in and all of our lives we swore it was haunted.

It is built on land once lived on by indians and it is in the woods.

I just got pics back recently of a family thing and you see crazy shit in the background of some of the pics that wasn't there at the time.

We grew up with weird shit happening so we are used to it. Other guests are terrified.

Erik said...

A friend of mine was at his grandmothers house. The house was an older victorian house that was rumored to be built over or close to an indian massacre site. My friend swears that when he was visiting his grandma when he was eight and saw a decapitated head bounce down the stairs and out the front door. Creepy...

StB said...

Hmmm...maybe Erik lived by the Blonde?

I don't know if that is creepy or funny. I laughed out loud when I read that.

Blonde said...

No, Erik didn't live by me.

We never saw anything like that. We just saw shit move and would feel strange things. Images always show up in pics taken in my mom's house too.

My mom had one of those psychic parties at our house when we were kids. All her friends, the works. The psychic lady stepped into the foyer, fucking freaked out and ran from my mom's house. I saw that with my own eyes. My mom chased after her, but the woman said crazy shit so my mom let her leave.

Ron Franscell said...

What would Halloween be without a good ghost story? Well, one of the best ghost tales this side of Amityville is the true story of how greed and "progress" danced on the graves of Denver's old Mount Prospect/City Cemetery -- much of which lies now beneath one of the city's proudest (and high-priced) neighborhoods, Cheesman Park.

See the whole scary story at Ron Franscell's http://underthenews.blogspot.com ...