Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Still emailing these bums

It took me all day and will take up another chunk of my day but heck, that is what I do. I ensure people do their work correctly.

I am a henchman. I hench for a living.

One thing I have begun to notice about emails. I think the guys/gals in IT at this company had a sense of humor. Before going to a standardized First.MI.Last@blahblah.com, it looked like they would make the address whatever they felt like by crunching the name together to form a word. For example, if you name was Ivey Mary Wong, your email would have become IMWong@blahblah.com. I have seen a number of these that are kinda funny.

See, that is one reason why I couldn't work in the IT department. I would mess with people. Need a password change? I would set it to something like 2stupid or I8UOUT. Stupid things that I know the dipshits wouldn't catch at first. My career would be so short lived.

The conversation at lunch was rather boring except for this exchange, which me and a buddy thought was inappropriate. A co-worker had come up to the Toxic Weasel to tell him about a co-worker's father-of-her-children's mother passing away from ovarian cancer. Apparently they were to operate but it spread quickly to her brain (don't ask if possible or how, I don't know, I am not a doctor) and it became too late. Here is the inappropriate part. The Toxic Weasel asks if it was a painful death. Me and my friend look at each other with a look of "I can't believe he asked that". I asked why it mattered. TW just wanted to know. After some more confused looks and TW needing to know, I made a comment that yes, she flopped around like fish. My friend added if he wanted to know if her eyes were bleeding. Yeah, we are the major a-holes now, but what the hell should it matter if the person died peacefully or not to you? How does someone even ask the question? Or at the very least, like he did? I could possibly see a "I hope it wasn't a painful passing" comment but to come straight out with the "Was it painful?" query just seemed stupid.

No lunch with the Toxic Weasel today. Probably a good thing. I have been bashing him around pretty good lately. I think he is just starting to realize it. Not that he could do anything about it.


Blonde said...

TW is a douchebag.

All cancer deaths are painful. I hate when people ask such insensitive and unneccessary questions. I call them out on your douchebagness.

BTW, my boobies are real and spectacular. A side bet will have to be made for any further proof. Ha!

StB said...

Hmm...you won't bet on the Eagles but will be on your ta-tas.

Blonde said...

The Eagles play the Giants the Sunday we are in LV.....

Anonymous said...

when i worked at the help desk for the bank, we would reset passwords all the time to id10t - spell it out i-d-ten-t. took most people awhile, if ever to catch on... another fav was using an author's name - dumas... always makes for some good computer geek fun... we also have a woman in illinois whose name in the address book is goode,bj... i'll email it to you sometime... can't make that one up :)

J. Gambino said...

We really need to get our Milwaukee blonde to learn to sign her name. No more anonymous posts! Anyway, The next time TW says something crude that has an obvious answer, smack him upside the head and ask, "Did that hurt?"