Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Best muffin loaf I ever had

But I couldn't help but think that maybe some amaretto or rum poured over it would make it taste even better. The Italians had it right with the tiramisu. Booze soaked cake is good.

I wasn't quite sure what exactly the loaf was at first either. It looked bread-like but it had a bunch of chocolate chips on it. There was another loaf that had apples on it too. Once I cut into it, I realized that is was basically muffin mix but in a loaf pan. Me, being a lover of muff(in), couldn't help but dig in. And it was good.

The suckling of ass wasn't too bad for Day 1. Hoping Day 2 isn't nauseating either.

Can someone tell me what an "upscale" comedy club is? That is the line being used by a new place in Milwaukee. I want to know exactly what makes it "upscale". Is there a dress code there? Do they charge you 4 dollars more for a drink instead of 2? Does it not look like a hole in the wall? I believe it is "upscale" because it is next to the "Las Vegas" style strip club.

Since everyone wanted to toss in their favorite cereals yesterday, today we shall tackle lunch. On the menu today is Homemade Meatloaf. I will have to find out exactly whose home it was made in. I may skip the loaf and go with a big salad loaded with bacon and turkey. As for you, what are you eating for lunch?


Fat Dan said...

Every day I take a Banquet frozen meal for lunch. At only $1, they make my money go a little further. Coupled with the fact that I work in a hick town with only a couple little grease barns in which to eat, Banquet meals are the way to go.

As such, today is Mexican Style Enchilada Combo Meal - two beef enchiladas and one cheese enchilada in chili sauce with Mexican style rice.

Blonde said...

I haven't eaten in 10 days, and that muffin loaf or tiramasu sound yummy right now :).

Upscale Comedy Club means: dress code, big cover charge, $8 Miller Lite bottles and same lame ass comedians that over use "pussy" and "fuck" in their acts and still not funny.

J. Gambino said...

Upscale means there is no security guard in their parking lot. It also means they do not re-use the umbrellas they put in the $20 friffy drinks.

Lunch today was a baked cod au gratin, garlic mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and a corn bread muffin. A great choice, I must say. My friend got the Broccoli & cheese Calzone and the doofus chef put rosemary in it. YUCK!

AWE said...

Pizza...It's not just for breakfast anymore! Todays was Ham & Onion on a New York style crust and it was fucking awesome. Yesterdays breakfast pizza was pepperoni from Little Caezars.

djw said...

My famous Spam Hash left over from last night. Tastes even better warmed up the next day. May need to stop for a bucket to wash it down. Spam & Pabst--Can it get any better?

StB said...

I felt cheated at lunch. The "homemade" meatloaf was a fake. I had to be a smartass and asked the cook whose home it was made in. He just gave me the plate and a "take the damn loaf and get the fuck out of here" look. The beans and carrots with it weren't shabby either.

iamhoff said...

I had to drive up to Newport Beach to meet with an architect. That put me in the vicinity of my favorite Chinese restaurant...Jamillah Garden in Tustin. I got an order of their Kung Pao chicken and their 3 Flavor Home Made Dough Chow Mein. This stuff is righteous. Picture double-thick sheets of dough, like lagsana noodles, torn into strips, and wokked up with shrimp, chicken, and beef. Way yummy. And by ordering both, I've got leftovers! Woo hoo!

BTW, an upscale comedy club is one that has security in the parking lot, $8 domestic beers, and fried calamari as an appetizer.