Monday, January 09, 2006

Frayed ends of sanity

Hear them calling me.

It cannot be a good thing to be at work for 2 hours and feel like you are going crazy. I feel like all those around me are the biggest dumbfucks in the world. They are pushing me closer to the edge. No, not the postal edge, but the “where’s the bottle?” edge.

And I get to experience this 4 times a year.

It is not a difficult process that these co-workers need to do. They need to fill out forms, list some information, and send it in. Each quarter we make changes so it is even easier for them to handle. But in our effort to simplify everything, we may have dummied it down too much.

For this quarter we require them to list information so we can confirm what we have is accurate. In our announcement, we specifically mentioned that fact. So of course, only 30% follow directions and accurately complete the forms correctly. Actaully, 30% may be high balling it a bit.

The funny part is people get mad at me because they either didn’t read the email, the instructions on the forms, or they are lazy to complete them. They will submit other things that we already have which takes them more time to do then simply filling out the form the correct way. My guess is half the people read the email from beginning to end. We will need to send a follow up out now, which will probably be ignored as well.

I also cannot send out nasty emails telling these idiots how stupid they are. Boss won’t let me. Is it too much to ask to allow me to smack just a couple of these people upside the head? Just the really dumb ones? They should let me trade a day off for smacking two people around. That would feel like a vacation in itself.

I guess I picked a bad week to give up sugar. Yeah, I gave up sugar last week actually. All kinds, even the fake stuff. I also gave up anything with sugar in it, including the fake stuff too. I have read a number of times that the body treats the fake stuff like it is real sugar. So why bother with it? I can say that my coffee doesn’t taste as good without the Sweet & Low but such is life. No sodas either.

I actually have begun drinking some green tea because that seems trendy. It is loaded with antioxidants. Don’t have a clue what that means but it sounds good. Also some is just one, not a bunch. I am also thinking of what kind of booze may go good with it. A little whisky may make it even better.

I did write up a response and send it off to the Hog man. I will post that later as I have it at home.

Now I must go back to work and hopefully not kill anyone.

I just recalled a conversation I had with this kid on Saturday. He had broken his jaw a month ago (sports injury I believe) and it was still wired shut. He was happy that he had only one more week until it was healed. He mentioned that the first thing he was going to do was get plastered. I looked at him and asked why he wasn't drinking now. If you are on a liquid diet, drinking shouldn't be much of an issue unless he is on pain medication still (which I would say he is a wuss for). The kids said he wanted to get totally messed up. I asked what was wrong with just drinking to get a good buzz going, why do you need to get totally fucked up? He looked at me like I was crazy and asked what was the point of that. I mentioned he could have been drinking all this time. Again, blank look from him.

Someone then pointed out if he drank too much now and puked, he could die. I inquired if he was a puker. This time I got an angry, insulted look back. Again, I said he could still be drinking even though his jaw is wired shut.

In the end I felt sorry for the kid. If you think drinking is all about getting totally wasted so you cannot walk, then you are missing the point. Don't whine to me about not being able to enjoy a beer or cocktail when you can. You don't need to drink to excess. When I go out to drink, I go to have a good time with friends. If I get plastered, it is something that happens when I am having a good time. I don't go out on a mission. Maybe someday he will grow out of that.

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