Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Right back at ya Hoggy

Before I get to to my response to the Head Hog, I have something I need to get off my chest. It can't be just me that thinks this, but are commercials getting progressively stupid, freaky, assholish? There are a number of them that are either creepy, pompous, or just plain stupid.

Lets start with creepy. The Nextel commercials with the guys dancing in their office. How gay can you get? No man in their right mind would be caught dead doing that. If you are offended by that comment then too bad. I am not politically correct. I have no clue if any gay people read the site either. If they do, please don't take it personally. In fact, give me a better phrase to use. The commercial just weirds me out.

On to pompous, rub-your-face-in-all-the-money-I-have commercial. Samsung flat screen TVs featuring Dan Marino. Let's watch Dan parade around his house and show you all the expensive TVs he can hang up because money is not an issue to him. Hey people, I am rich, you aren't. I can have a TV in my closet. By the staircase. Over the toilet. Over the bidet. On the ceiling of the bedroom surrounded by mirrors. On my garbage can. Each dog has their own TV hanging from their balls as well so they can watch TV as they lick themselves. Then, to show how much better he is, he tells us of his "exclusive" club for QBs only. Ok, now maybe Dan Marino doesn't live like this and some of you are saying it is just a commercial. But think of how it can come off. Some dipshit at Samsung thought this was cute. If this is a screaming reason for Miller to bring back the athletes and the Tastes Great, Less Filling slogan once again, I do not what is.

Finally, the just plain stupid. Let's give the award to Taco Bell. I'm full of your cheap food. For my $5, I got me 37 tacos that contained maybe a quarter pound of meat, 50 heads of lettuce, and 1/2 cup of cheese and a tomato. Oh, and a chili cheese burrito. Now I can say goofily (hey, new word!) when I am the principal to my kids, "I'm full" and rub my stomach. I think the actor may have just killed his career with that one. But he probably gets a discount at the Bell now.

Also, Harry Belafonte can kiss my ass. No, this is not a political rant. I just thought his comment about how "not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of Americans support Hugo Chavez" was so idiotically funny. Can you stretch the truth a bit more? I bet not even half of a million people can tell you who Hugo Chavez is.

I have a new list to put up, but not right now. One because I haven't actually listed it yet, and two, I should really do some work now. But I will leave you with this thought and my response to the Hog Man:
From the Oh so wrong thought of the day file- Saw a car yesterday with a bumper sticker that read "I love my Labrador". My initial reaction was I guess that is why you have two big tubs of peanut butter in your car.

Yeah, I am that sick. Hog out!

Thanks for your response. First let me say I like you attitude.
Second, it should be know that I am not "predisposed to thinking that we're going
to suck". If I did, I would just change the station and not listen. I never did
say I would stop listening.

The problem is that you had a chance to be
unique to Milwaukee rock radio. Some WLUM has done it. No one is playing only
alternative rock like they are. The Hog had a chance to carve their niche. It
sounded like they would. But as I mentioned, you soften up and started playing
the buzzkill music the Brew plays. You also started to raid Classic Hits 96
KLH's playlist as well. While the classic rock is good, there is a difference
between a Led Zeppelin and the Eagles. One has balls, the other flies. Why did
you even start playing the same stuff you can hear on those other stations?

You wanted songs? How some hard stuff. I am not talking more Metallica
either. How about Anthrax, Indians. Or Pantera, Cowboys from Hell. Old Megadeth
like Wake up Dead would be nice. Exodus singing the Toxic Waltz. Slayer, Angel
of Death. Is there a copy of any Helloween cd in the building? Mix some thrash
into what you are playing. There is an audience in Milwaukee for this. Thrash
Thursday may go over big (copyright that one to me).

Also, rarely playing a band like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard or Night Ranger does not count as playing them. Once every other day does not constitute playing their music. You can play just about any of the "hair bands" and it would be good. Even the
lesser know ones like Y&T (Summertime Girls), Junkyard (Hollywood), or
Dangerous Toys (Ten Boots Stompin)

There also seems to be an absence of new music. We hear enough Nickelback. What happened to Papa Roach, Saliva, Sevendust, or Disturbed? There are more new bands than Audioslave.

My main beef was and still is that you are playing music we can hear on other
stations in Milwaukee. Be unique and play something that is different. And
please get rid of the commercials of people calling in. Stupid comments from
people who just want to hear themselves on the radio is embarrassing.

Have a great day and rock on!

That was sent on Sunday, no response as of Monday night.


WhisKeYGyrL said...

I havent heard any CREED lately either!!! (wink wink) =)

djw said...

didn't he write "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame"?

fredrick said...

hey hun will i see you on bucket nigt i got some great things to vent about

F-Train said...

One of my friends is in that Nextel commercial. I can report that he's happily married.

iamhoff said...

Great. Another blog that I need to read more of. St B, I've seen your comments on other blogs (Al, Eva, Gracie, etc.), but this is the first time I've read your blog. Out-freaking-standing! First, the commercials. I agree completely with all of your assessments. It does seem to be a scary trend.

But more importantly, the music. I, too, am a headbanging fool that grew up listening to AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Anthrax, Dokken, Crue, Judas Priest, and on and on. Your radio station conversations are hysterical and sad at the same time. We had a great radio station here in San Diego, KIOZ Rock 105.3. KIOZ came on in the early 90's and did a good job of mixing up the "new" rock of Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and Nine Inch Nails with some good throwbacks by Judas Priest, Metallica (old and new), and other metal bands. Since then, though, they've been bought by Clear Channel and turned into another tool. None of the DJ's are DJ's that play music...they've all have uber-produced "drive time" shows (well, we do drive a lot out here) that rarely have any music.

I gave up and went to Sirius. Every kind of rock you can think of, from Nirvana to the Strokes to Van Halen to Aerosmith to Disturbed to Def Leppard to Morbid Angel to Iron Maiden to Opeth, and on and on. I will never own a vehicle again without satellite radio. It absolutely rules. Sure you have to pay, but you hear no commercials and you get all sorts of other stuff. All kinds of music. Tons of sports and news. Boatloads of comedy. Hell, XM is good, too. I just think Sirius has a better music mix. Either way, check it out. Maybe you can leave the radio hog behind and the only hogging you'll need to do is with the fat chicks!

StB said...

Thanks for relieving that of my mind F Train. But please tell me he is the guy asking where the packages are and not one of the dudes dancing. The commercial is still too freaky.

Thanks for the good comments iam. I have contemplated satellite radio but am happy with my cds for now. I do find myself listening to Music Choice more and more on cable. That is basically my outlet to new metal. I think the Hog should sit and listen to the Arena Rock channel. No Mellancamp being played there.

F-Train said...

Oh no. He's definitely one of the guys dancing. In fact, he's the one doing the freakiest dance.

I love improvisors. They are such a fun bunch of people.

djw said...

"the freakiest dance"? You have to be more specific. I agree with stb, that whole commercial 'freaks' me out.