Friday, January 06, 2006

The suck hole that is Milwaukee radio

Milwaukee radio has always been bad. There have always been moments were it was encouraging that it would get better, but it always reverted to being suck hole. Things were shooken up when the Brew began broadcasting. It was a nice change of pace. More 80s music. But the problem was the sound wasn't hard enough. They played some hair bands, but I wanted some more. So when Lazer went away and the Hog came on. Things sounded pretty damn good. But alas, the suck hole opened up and drew things back to the status quo. The Hog has been playing a lot of what the Brew plays. Just not the pop music. But they haven't stayed true to their word to play the best hard rock without the wimpy stuff.

So, rather than sit back and be quiet, I wrote the "Head Hog" a letter with my thoughts. I present it here for you observation.
Back in August when you changed formats, I was hoping the station would get
better. You had gotten Lazer into the rut of playing Metallica twice an hour and
more at night. You play whatever band was playing the Rock Stage at Summerfest
for 2 weeks and then rarely again. There was a lot hype over new bands that were
one hit wonders while ignoring some of the great music you used to play. While
the Dee Snyder's House of Hair was sounding great, you were playing the same
crap again and again.

But then the Brew came to town and started kicking
your ass. Started stealing your listeners because they played what people wanted
to hear. Yes, I switched over to hear the 80s rock. Yet the Brew wasn't that
great either because they played some crap as well (really, who wants to hear
the Starship sing We Built this City?). Too much 80s pop, not enough rock.

So when the Hog came along, it sounded like a gift from heaven. The Hog
was playing some great music. Motley Crue, Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, AC/DC,
Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Night Ranger, and the right amount
of Metallica. It was great hard rock from the 80s plus the best of the 70s and
90s. But unfortunately, things would change.

It may have started when
you copied the Brew and their commercials. It was bad enough they would make
tesitmonial commercials with drunk people saying stupid things just to hear
their voice on the radio. That was a terrible concept to mimic.

Then you
had to make it sound like you were playing something different. And you were. At
first. But it was changing. The Hog was going soft.

The Merry Kissmas
and Happy Crue Year were good ideas, but they couldn't cover up the other music
you were beginning to slip us. Suddenly we were getting Styx ballads. Peter
Gabriel? The Police? The Smithereens? John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band?
Eddie Money? It was like you raided the Brew's playlist! Next thing you know you
will be welcoming these bands to town.

What happened to the hard rock? I
am scared that you will play Phil Collins next. You probably have a new version
of Sussidio readly to go. Or even John Mellencamp. No, wait, you are playing
that crap!

The Hog is playing the same music as the Brew. Some change.
Way to bring Milwaukee radio back to the suck hole that it is.

Milwaukee, WI

p.s. This will also be posted online for others to
see. I look forward to a response.


djw said...

Let me add my name to your letter of complaint.

Huge Junk said...

I'm not from the greater Milwaukee area (is "greater" a real good way to describe it anyways?) but I feel your pain about the piece of shit job that radio stations do these days.

I have an idea for any station wanting to be differnt. I think I have to write it on my blog though because I might go off on a few tangents.

Basically though, YOU SUCK RADIO!

Thanks for getting me all riled up right before bedtime.

fredrick said...

Hey you i got my site up finally it is just for me to bitch so look at and have fun i got your site on my side bar yeah for me

Blonde said...

Since I got Sirius Satellite radio, I have not listened to regular radio since. Except for one day, I wanted to hear David Lee Roth and how he thinks he is going to replace Stern. Let's just say DLR is going to be unemployed once again very soon.

Regular radio stinks worse then a $2 hookers twat.

StB said...

Thanks for the image Blonde. I laughed when I heard Dave was going to do morning radio.

steveegg said...

When cars become a bit more iPod-friendly, music radio will die an ignominous death.