Monday, February 06, 2006


Some day I will be smart enough to always take the day after the Super Bowl off from work. That would have been the smart thing to do. I wasn’t hung over but I wasn’t moving too fast either. I feel rather sluggish and just want to get home and back to bed.

I dropped some cash on the Seahawks yesterday. I feel bad for them. They basically gave up 2 big scoring plays and lost the game. It didn’t help that the refs seemed to be conspired against them as well. One crappy PI call loses them a touchdown. Another 6 goes the other way when an official changes his mind as he runs in, going from indicating 4th down to touchdown when Rothle- you go ahead and look his burger name up- is clearly short on the replay.

But the Steelers didn’t make the big mistakes and won. They have moved up with the Cowboys in the 5-win category. Congrats tothem.

I made a portion back playing poker so all was not lost.

If I think back, the weekend was a bit of a haze. After hitting up Hooters for free wings, I was off to a bar and proceeded to drink for 3 hours and pay for one round. Guess the bartender didn’t feel like using that register thingy. Of course when her shift was done, so were we. She got tipped well and we headed to Big Mamas.

I have no clue how long I there. Talked with Ms. Puddle for a bit before taking off. I do recall trying to get a sink unclogged in the tenants flat. Somehow the drain cleaner made the clog worse. That was my last attempt to getting it unplugged. Damn thing.

People should not schedule meetings at 4pm. I am ineffective for any business meetings at that point. Unless it was held over drinks or about drinks. Then I could focus.
Before I went for wings, I stopped by the liquor store to get me a new bottle of Maker’s Mark. The sonsabitches were out. WTF? People, please do not drink my whisky. Or at least leave a bottle behind for me.


Alan said...

Mmmm.... Maker's Mark.

I got to tour their distillery in Kentucky in December and hand dip a bottle in wax myself. Great fun. I highly recommend it.

Also, they have an ambassador's program where you can sign up to get invitations to events, free stuff in the mail, and have your name put on a barrel.

StB said...

Though I have yet to make it to the distillery, I have been an Ambassador for over a year.

AWE said...

I finally got to try Maker's over the weekend. I thought it was excellent. I had it straight over ice.