Monday, July 24, 2006

Radio rant part quattro

Once again, it is time for me to wax on about the suckhole that is Milwaukee radio. I would like to say that it had gotten better but that would be incorrect. It is more accurate to say that I have become accustomed to the suck level and anytime it sounds better, in reality it is not.

Let's take two examples of how the suckhole is drawing the morons in. This morning, it seems the big news is a slow truck. One station, the Hog, mentions it and tells everyone to be careful and expect possible backups in traffic. That seems about right. A slow truck is not a big news story. Unless you are either the local paper (which seems to provide updates!) or the worst morning team known to man on the Brew. They misread the story and make it sound like the truck is going down the road at 5 mph. The story says the truck will have to slow down to 5 mph on some bridges. Yes, it probably isn't doing 70 but I doubt the thing is driving at 5 all the way. But to the Brew this is something to talk about. Because they are idiots. Case in point. They are giving away tickets to see Poison this Saturday. As the dumb girl said: "You don't want to miss a chance to win these! They are worth it!". Retail value of the tix? Anyone? Beuller? Yep, $12. It is not worth my time to try and win $12 tickets.

Of course, the Hog isn't that bright either. One thing that ticked me off when they came on the air was copying what the Brew had done the year before and still does. Put idiots on the radio. Only the pathetic find the need to call some radio station's recorded line to proudly proclaim they listen to that station in hopes to hear themselves on the radio. All you hear on the Hog is chucklehead after chucklehead say they are a hog head. Have you no shame? Or self respect?

But the one comment I heard on Friday really got me to laughing and thinking about how the Hog has no clue what the hell they are doing. Some dweeb is heard saying

"I was shocked when I heard L.A. Guns. Then I heard Tora Tora and I could
only think Wow! No one plays ass kicking music like that anymore!"

Um....where do I start? L.A. Guns and Tora Tora are "ass kicking"??? Since when? Any band that cannot put out more than 3 original CDs that sell well can never be considered "ass kicking". Any band that never headlines their own major tour can never be considered "ass kicking". At any time in their existance, L.A. Guns nor Tora Tora have ever been described as being "ass kicking". Any station that plays stupid comments from stupid listeners will never be considered to be anything but a suckhole.

Good thing I can listen to Pandora at work. That way I won't hurt myself trying to figure out how these people got to my site with these searches:
omaha city ordinance lawn mowing hours

crivitz hog wrestling

corn-holing a chick

turnbow sucks - ok this one I understand

hand grenades drinks

drinking yellow pee good for you

symptoms allergic to beer AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


J. Gambino said...

I think I know why on almost all of your strange visitors.

AWE said...

I don't think I have ever heard of Tora Tora.

Erik said...

Allergic to beer? That poor, poor soul.