Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Menomonie, doo-dooooo-doo-doot-doot

The Menomonie Casino in Keshena, WI is an interesting little place. It seems most of the people inside are either retired or employed by the place. Most of the dealers know the players by name. When someone new to the game shows up, the locals cast a leery eye in your direction. They then may get upset if you ruin "their" game. When your time is up, you are glad to leave the little shithole of a casino and head back to society.

Don't take me wrong. I enjoyed my weekend. Anytime I can escape the city and head out to some place different, I will do so. But I may get fed up with a place quickly and will be glad the stay is done.

The Menomonie Casino had that kind of effect on me. It is a place I can take for a day or two and that it about it. Unless you are going to travel another 15 miles to a the next casino, the place gets pretty boring. There is nothing around it either. I discovered this on Sunday morning when I went out to get something to eat. I decided to check out what was north of the casino instead of heading into Shawano on the south end. The nearest town is Armpit- er, Neopit- about 12 miles to the north. I figured I could find a diner or at least a Hardees to grab a quite bit. As it would turn out, the town had a liquor store. That was about it. No Hardees? I thought every small town in Northern Wisconsin had to have a Hardees by law. The town should really change its name to armpit. It was a sad little place. So after all that driving, we ended up turning around and ate at the Hardees in Shawano.

It was then a day of drinking and playing poker back at the casino. Once the tournament was over, it was more drinking in the room. Maybe next time I need to get someone to go into town to check out some of the local taverns. We did check one place out early on Saturday when we arrived in town. Enjoyed a couple of shorties during the Badger game at one of the dives in town. I will need to check out some other places. Those little 8oz tap beers are so cute up there.

If anything, this weekend got me geeked up even more for Vegas. The Menomonie Casino is a dinky little place. I guess I prefer the expansiveness of a real gambling town. The glitz and glamor. Being able to walk down the street, beer in hand, from casino to casino. That is simply more to my liking.

Will I miss a place that has 10 table games? Yeah, a little bit. Will I miss Helga, the old lady serving drinks? No. Give me a hottie at the Rio wearing very little to serve me my beer anyday.

Vegas is less than a month now. I guess the trip did geek me up more than I thought.

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