Thursday, December 14, 2006

Aw Craps!

The following is a paid review.

There are a number of things you can count on when a bunch of bloggers hit Las Vegas. You know there will be some poker played, plenty of alcohol consumed, and a late night run to the craps tables. The craps table seems to be the place where most of them get unstuck for the weekend. It is also usually the loudest place in the casino as well with cheers emanating from its location.

So you don’t know how to play craps? Well, you can either take lessons from Maigrey or do some research online before you head out West. One site dedicated to the game is Craps Hero. Craps Hero lays out the basics of the game for you. From walking up to the table to get chips, to placing a bet to how the game will go from there. I like how they explain the bets that you can make versus those that you must instruct a dealer to place.

One thing you will want to make sure you understand when playing Craps is the odds you will get for each number. Craps offers some of the best odds in the house. That is one reason for its popularity. Craps Hero will show you the odds of each number coming up and their respected payouts. Remembering the payouts is important. If you place a bet and do not have the correct amount out- such as one that would cause a winning bet to win less than a dollar- you will be losing money as you win. They will not toss a 50 cent piece out. Thus you need to understand why some numbers will want you to bet 16 instead of 15. Soon you will get the hang of it, but until you do, don’t leave the house more of your winnings.

That is one item that Craps Hero does not point out. They give you the odds and leave you on your own. Explaining why a bet needs to be rounded is helpful to the beginner. There are a couple of other areas that would make Craps Hero a better site. One of those would be section on strategy. I have read a couple books on craps strategy that have been quite useful in helping understand the game and looking at it from a different perspective. Whether it be a doey-don’t system, just betting the 6 and 8, or the windows, a strategy section could help the beginner get more out of the game. After all, it is not just about throwing dice.

Also a section on craps terms would be helpful. You will definitely hear someone yelling for the “Yo!” on a come out roll. A page on common terms would be a nice addition to the site.

Craps Hero does have some links to other craps sites where you can get more information. But as a starting place, I think Craps Hero is a good place to start to either learn or refresh your skills before you head out to the casino to roll them bones.

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